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In Search of the Holy Grail
You've Finally Found Audionirvana! You've Finally Found Audionirvana!
Your home away from home in the cloud!
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56 622
Take a Bow Take a Bow
Thanks for clicking us! Take a moment to tell us a little about yourself, your system, your musical tastes and anything else you'd like to share!
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Last Post: Hello from Michigan
137 1,563
Hello from Michigan
by kach22i
Industry News and Events Industry News and Events
What's new and exciting in the wonderful world of high-end audio, video and music!
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288 2,165
Site Suggestions and Feedback Site Suggestions and Feedback
All comments are welcome and appreciated.
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Last Post: Site Update Note
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Site Update Note
Heaven's Gate
General Audio Topics General Audio Topics
What's rockin' your audio world lately?
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Last Post: I Can't Concentrate
702 12,225
I Can't Concentrate
by Kingrex
The Cutting Edge The Cutting Edge
Gear that sets performance benchmarks.
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Loudspeakers Loudspeakers
More choices here than Netflix. Full range, mini-monitors, sub-woofers, electrostatics, dynamic planar, horns, hybrids, plasma, ribbons, etc. What's currently floating your boat?
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Last Post: MBL Extreme Review
190 2,924
MBL Extreme Review
by kcin
Analog Playback Analog Playback
Reports of analog's death were greatly exaggerated. Today there's more brands of turntables available than at any point in time in audio history. Cartridges, tonearms and phono sections are better than ever. So take a moment and share your analog experiences.
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550 10,863
Mike Lavigne
Show us your Cartridges!!
Turntables (147/2,916)
Tonearms (79/1,617)
Cartridges (175/3,873)
Phonostages (55/1,173)
Digital Playback Digital Playback
Exciting times are afoot in the world of digital with the advent of high-resolution DSD and PCM recordings. Downloadable Quad-DSD files (not to mention streaming of DSD) promises to offer unprecedented sound.
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227 3,798
12AU7’s for Audio Note DAC?
by Galileo
CD/SACD Players (15/254)
All Things Reel-to-Reel Tape All Things Reel-to-Reel Tape
The original high resolution medium and still the gold standard by which all other mediums are judged. Professional and pro-sumer machines and everything in between. electronics. 15 ips tape releases.
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428 6,198
Amplifiers Amplifiers
Decisions, decisions. So many options to drive those speakers. Integrated, stereo and monoblock amplifiers. Tube, solid-state and hybrid amplifiers. Class A/B/D. Something for every audiophile.
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110 2,127
Blue Kt77 Power Tube
by Kingrex
Preamplifiers, Line stages and Passive Devices Preamplifiers, Line stages and Passive Devices
More than simply a switching device.
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44 815
Tuners Tuners
Analog, digital, FM, AM, Satellite. They're all fair game.
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6 135
Audio Cables Audio Cables
Audio systems are only as good as their weakest link. Careful selection of cables will in many instances markedly improve the sound of an audio system.
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Last Post: Antenna length
63 1,014
Antenna length
by Kingrex
Interconnects (8/73)
Speaker Cables (12/232)
Phono cables (8/260)
Power Cords (8/98)
Headphones and Headphone Amplifiers Headphones and Headphone Amplifiers
Not just for quiet listening times anymore!
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Last Post: Detailed Headphones
22 240
Detailed Headphones
Room Acoustics and Treatment Room Acoustics and Treatment
Room Acoustics begins with proper speaker placement and goes from there.
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50 604
AC Line Products AC Line Products
A tremendously underappreciated area of the playback system. Issues with the quality of the AC line are often mistaken for equipment problems.
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Last Post: The AC Line
53 1,061
The AC Line
Accessories Accessories
Getting that last 30% of performance from your components and system requires--and the biggest return on your investment--careful attention to detail.
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159 3,046
Vacuum Tubes (41/555)
Topics: 37 Posts: 366
Last Post: OLED TVs
37 366
by Kingrex
Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck
Whether just embarking on the audio sojourn or on a budget, there's always equipment whose performance exceeds its modest cost.
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25 396
Vintage Audio Gear Vintage Audio Gear
The best from yesteryear!
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Last Post: Counterpoint
40 734
by kcin
Audio Jargon Audio Jargon
Find the audiophile lingo confusing? So do we many times. Here we'll attempt to sort out terminology.
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32 708
Building, modding, tweaking and everything in between!
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Last Post: Power supplies
20 330
Power supplies
by Kingrex
Myles' Toy Shop
Latest Equipment and Music Reviews Latest Equipment and Music Reviews
See for more reviews!
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11 128
Equipment Sneak Peaks
Fresh off the UPS or FedEx truck!
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19 427
Integrated Amplifiers
by Kingrex
What's New in Music
Drop in for the hottest new LP and tape reissues!
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1 10
A Pair Of New Yarlung Tapes
Andre's Avenue
Published Reports and Links Published Reports and Links
Discussions and links to published reports appearing in The Absolute Sound.
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20 211
Off The Grid
Audio activities, projects, reports and things of interest.
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7 210
The "Q"
Questions, thoughts and polls!
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10 747
Music is the Magical Elixir
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614 21,901
This Day in Music History
Birthdays, deaths, events, gigs, recordings, debuts, charts, releases, etc.
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Last Post: Joe Smith passes on
91 408
Joe Smith passes on
Sonic Splendry Sonic Splendry
What are the best sounding albums in your music collection?
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18 324
Topics: 30 Posts: 560
30 560
The Year That Was The Year That Was
A forum to discuss the music/musician/etc. lists/rankings.
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Last Post: 1966 In Review
35 359
1966 In Review
Best of Artists Best of Artists
Album, song or instrument. What are your faves?
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44 813
Best Rock 'n Roll Drummer?
by Musica
New Release Alerts! New Release Alerts!
What's currently residing in your wish list?
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Last Post: Hugh Masekela
27 739
Hugh Masekela
Topics: 74 Posts: 1,199
74 1,199
Joe Pittman
MMJ Announcement for 2020!
Groove Note (0/0)
Impex (0/0)
ORG (2/92)
Topics: 65 Posts: 744
Last Post: Piltch and Davis
65 744
Piltch and Davis
Acoustic Sounds (15/210)
Fone Records (2/20)
Groove Note (0/0)
Horch House (1/20)
HDTT (1/6)
BC-Musicale (1/8)
ABC Records (1/8)
AC Records (1/2)
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213 2,248
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Last Post: RIP Jimmy Heath
156 855
charles hidalgo
RIP Jimmy Heath
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70 897
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10 177
Great sounding film music
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2 20
Johnny Vinyl
Ginger Baker's Air Force?
Topics: 20 Posts: 49
Last Post: Robert Earl Keen
20 49
Robert Earl Keen
Topics: 8 Posts: 93
Last Post: RIP Roy Clark!
8 93
RIP Roy Clark!
The AudioNirvana Tape Circle
Topics: 2 Posts: 59
2 59
Sampler Tape Exchange Round 2
Topics: 1 Posts: 21
1 21
Topics: 2 Posts: 42
2 42
IPI Direct Copy Sampler Tape
by Dre_J
Topics: 1 Posts: 58
1 58
Sampler Tapes coming!
by russe41
Topics: 1 Posts: 26
1 26
Opus3records Tape ⭕️
Topics: 1 Posts: 27
Last Post: Compilation Tape #1
1 27
Compilation Tape #1
by jcmusic
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2 71
Topics: 3 Posts: 84
3 84
Yarlung Sampler Tape Sign Up!
by Afveep
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0 0
The Audio/Video Vault
Member Systems Member Systems
Let's see pics or videos of your system! Either or both is great!
Topics: 52 Posts: 1,171
Last Post: My little barn
52 1,171
My little barn
by kach22i
High-End Audio Shows High-End Audio Shows
Check out who was there and what new and exciting products were creating a stir at each audio show.
Topics: 185 Posts: 4,302
185 4,302
Munich 2016 (6/170)
Newport 2016 (11/166)
CES 2017 (2/13)
Munich 2017 (3/12)
Axpona 2018 (13/301)
Munich 2018 (2/9)
The Show 2018 (2/12)
Serbian 2019 (1/10)
Axpona 2019 (14/318)
Munich 2019 (0/0)
Munich 2019 (4/258)
Topics: 25 Posts: 598
Last Post: MBL Extremes
25 598
MBL Extremes
by rbbert
Buy or Sell Equipment or Music Buy or Sell Equipment or Music
Looking to sell equipment or music? Looking to buy equipment or music? This forum is for you!
Topics: 294 Posts: 1,131
294 1,131
Ypsilon MC16 Step-up Transformer
by James
Music Trading Post Music Trading Post
Thinning the herd? List those LPs, CDs, SACDs or tapes that you're looking to buy, sell or trade here!
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14 42
Off Topic Off Topic
Never met an audiophile without other outside hobbies. Share a few of your leisure pursuits like watches, wine, travel, etc.
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340 4,986
Chef's Corner (93/1,254)
Sports (9/132)
For Trekkies (28/194)