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    The new Shunyata signal & power cables have now broken in, and I am able to adjust the tweeter with a 1.612ohm set of resistors, after also having replaced all power distributors with high quality ones. This system is now killer, offering easily 50% of my main system's performance with digital at a mere $10K. It also proves that the older Spectral gear from the 1990s - based on the National Semiconductor NPD5566 - are still very relevant to this hobby and true classics. Foot-tapping performance that has me glued to my seat! Shunyata power conditioning - in the form of NR cords and PS10 distributor - has proven paramount in here as well, down to the old Entec SW-5 subwoofer, which is still going strong since ca 1985 with a simple surround replacement around 2000...
    Analog: VPI Aries 3, custom suspension & platter interface || Magnetically stabilized JMW 10.5i || Ortofon A90, Verismo || Modded & fully shielded Pass XP-25 || VPI SDS speed controller || Magnum Dynalab MD-90SE/105 Digital: Spectral 4000SV Amplification: Spectral DMC-30SV || DMA-500AR Speakers: Custom MartinLogan Cabling: Shielded MIT Oracle 50ic,MA-X,90.1,Shunyata Alpha v2 Other: Shunyata Everest & cords; Isodamp, mumetal, 3M AB5100, Dynamat, Copper foil; Vishay diodes, resistors; Mundorf coils & capacitors

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