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What albums do you play side 2 (or reel 2 or the B side) first?

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  • What albums do you play side 2 (or reel 2 or the B side) first?

    I have a few Albums that I reach for and play side 2 (reel 2 or the B side) first or only that side for a short session.

    Without much thought, I can quickly come up with three:
    • Gene Ammons - Boss Tenor
    • Linda Ronstadt - What's New
    • Chris Isaak - Heart Shaped World

    So, What albums do you reach for and automatically play side 2 (reel 2 or the B side)?

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    Whitesnake - Slide It In


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      LZ II


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        Actually I often have a week of playing one side or the other throughout anything I play. So this week I play all sides one and next week all sides two.
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            Funny thing about this…I had a tape I played a lot in high school that was of Led Zeppelin I - and it was recorded with side 2 first and then side 1. To this day that’s the only way it makes sense to me to listen to it!!!
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              That’s funny because somewhere in my records I have a disc incorrectly marked as side one on one side and the second side is marked as one also.