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What tonearms would you like to listen to or read about?

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  • What tonearms would you like to listen to or read about?

    Keeping with the approach I used to start a cartridge & phonostage discussion:

    What tonearms available today have piqued your interests and you would like to listen to or read more about?

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    We are anxiously awaiting some word out of Myles office on the VPI "Fat Boy" For now that's the one I am most interested in...
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      I'd like to see reviews (or better yet, a comparison) of the Thales Simplicity II and KL Audio arms.
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        I would love to hear about a classic tonearm like the FR66s or 64s compared to any modern counterpart as those FR arms are continually mentioned as classically high performers: a good compare contrast with a suitable cartridge would be interesting.
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            I'd like to see someone I know and trust offer up opinions on the two versions of The Wand, 10 inch version, especially on a Linn LP12
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              The new SAT tonearms soon to be issued.


              • pcosta
                pcosta commented
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                I would like to hear the original.

              • Garth
                Garth commented
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                I would vote for a SAT review new or old which ever is the best

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              Thales reference vs the so called best arms out there like SAT


              • JerryB
                JerryB commented
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                What is the cost of the Thales Reference and what others did you compare it to before landing on the Thales.


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              I.d like to know about not so expensive arms like Jelco, Schick, and Peter Rigge’s Woody against the well known top class contender (Graham, FR, Kuzma,etc).


              • Emorrisiv
                Emorrisiv commented
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                I agree. Tone arm prices are soaring toward stupid. Super arms are right out. The SAT is $30,000!

                I just wish someone would make a good sounding arm that was easy to setup. Meaning azimuth.

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              I would like to listen to the KL Audio arms and one of the Phantom's or Schroder arms.


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                I'd also be interested in a comparison of some of the old designs vs. new arms.

                I was quite taken with older arms like the Mission Mechanic, and Zeta arms, and still use SME V on both my tables.
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                  Ortofon models
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                    not really interested in other arms, totally satisfied with what I have. Tables and carts more intriguing.
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                      I want to hear the new Vector Super Arm.
                      I would also like to hear the Schroeder reference.


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