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    My listening room is 16'9" W by 25'10"L. The back 40% has a flat ceiling 8'8"H and the front 60% has a sloping ceiling from 10'H in the front to 17'H in the middle where it meets the flat ceiling. The three sides (all but the front) are full of records - mostly 6 Per Madsen Rackits high (15K total records) which act as a very expensive irregular surface for sound reflections. I have four large tube traps in the four corners of the room. The floor is carpeted. Total volume is about 5000 cubic feet.


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      My wife and I decided a few years ago to add a room and give her family room back,so we added a 27x16x10H room and I love being able
      to shut the double doors that lead in to the room and lay records,cd's and tapes anywhere I want without hearing a word,you know,when your at work your at work
      and can't be bothered keeping it clean. I do have a projector, screen and home theater amps and pre in the room to,not sure if I will keep that in the room much longer because it's not conducive to audio/music listening with theater chairs in the way.
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        Here is a run down on my room size/layout...
        • My listening room is also my living/dining room. I would describe it as a medium size room by volume.
        • Downstairs measures approx 7.5 mtrs l x 4.5 mtrs w to the edge of the landing (+ 1.0 mtrs across the landing where my racks are located) x 2.65 mtrs h. There is an open staircase which rises above my racks.
        • There is an open atrium to the right side of my RH speaker leading up a mezzanine level of upstairs which is approx 7 mtrs tall.
        • My speakers are placed along the long wall off-center, but with plenty of room on either side to breath & nothing in between the speakers.
        • The area behind my speakers is not uniform - behind my LH speaker there is a hot water cupboard located approx .75mtr away. Behind my RH speaker there is an open hand rail for my stairs, otherwise there is approx 1.25mtrs behind my RH speaker to the front wall.
        • There are wall-ceiling timber venetian blinds which, along with the open hardwood stairs behind my speakers seem to act as crude diffusers.
        • My floor is tiled over concrete slab. There is a rug in front of my 3 mtr long soft-upholstered sofa. Walls are plastered.
        Somehow all of that "broken rhythm" as Bruce Lee described works & the acoustics in my room are basically good without any room treatments. Though I might experiment with a couple of Stillpoints Aperture panels behind my LH speaker & one behind my RH speaker at some stage. I may also replace the two artwork prints on my back wall behind my sofa with some acoustic art panels from GIK or RW Acoustics one rainy day.

        Here is a pic of my system/room to put all the above into perspective..

        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2642.JPG Views:	5 Size:	1.12 MB ID:	73053

        Click image for larger version  Name:	image_10221.jpg Views:	1 Size:	1.28 MB ID:	73054
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