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BOSC™ - HiFi Monoblock Class-D GaN Amp

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  • BOSC™ - HiFi Monoblock Class-D GaN Amp

    BOSC™ uses the latest in Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology to achieve high performance in a small form factor.

    The low on resistance and low capacitance of the GaN FET enables high efficiency and lowers loop impedance for low Transient Intermodulation Distortion (T-IMD). The fast switching capability and zero reverse recovery charge enable higher output linearity and low cross over distortion for lower Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

    Preliminary Specifications:
    • Gain: 16.8dB or 6.92
    • Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): ~120dB
    • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.0003% (-110dB) @ 7W
    • Frequency Response: DC - 40kHz
    • Sensitivity: 2.5Vin for 37.5W into 8Ω
    • Input Impedance: 5kΩ fully balanced
    • Output Power: 100W into 8Ω w/ 48V Power Supply
    • Output Power: 150W into 8Ω w/ 56V Power Supply
    • Size: 5.5" (14cm) x 4.8" (12.2cm) x 1.9" (4.8cm)

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    Please stay on topic. The new products forum is intended for manufacturers to announce the release of new gear and ask questions.

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      If you are really interested in this product and would like to be one of the first people to get it at a reduced price, reserve now for $1. Only 55 spots available:


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        is the sensitivity for 150 W output, 5.0 volts input? seems rather low gain.
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          Originally posted by JCOConnell View Post
          is the sensitivity for 150 W output, 5.0 volts input? seems rather low gain.
          Yes 5V in for 150W out.


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            BOSC Pricing:
            • Indiegogo VIP: $999 for two (2) BOSC Amps - Register Now only 55 spot available
              • 33% Savings from an MSRP of $1499
            • Indiegogo Early Bird: $1099 for two (2) BOSC Amps - limited availability
              • 26% Savings from an MSRP of $1499
            • Indiegogo Regular Price: $1199 for two (2) BOSC Amps
              • 20% Savings from an MSRP of $1499
            BOSC specification have been updated after the latest round of testing and can be found here:

            Click image for larger version

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              Some updated BOSC performance plots for 8 ohm load, these will most likely be the same as the final measurements. I really like the way that BOSC sounds right now and don't plan to make any more tweaks to the production version.

              SNR (A-Weighted)

              SNR (No Weighting)

              THD Ratio vs Measured Level

              THD+N vs Frequency @ 10W

              THD+N vs Frequency @ 1W

              64k FFT @ 10W Output

              Frequency Response

              IMD vs Measured Level


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                An awesome review for the BOSC amp:

                "Class-D amplifiers generally trigger reactions and opinions of a generic, mass-market sound. And I’ll admit, I tend to not be too curious about anything based around that amplification method. But Leonid (Leo) Ayzenshtat’s Class-D amplifiers continually force me to think differently. They prove that it isn’t about the type of thing, but rather about how skillfully a thing is made."*

                "I wanted to stop my heart so I could hear the music better. I was being sucked in, pushed out, and unable to focus on anything else but the music. There were all the little bird-like chimes, dancing between clicks and pings and bongs of xylophone harmonics with dry reed raspy sounds zooming in and out, floating on top of deep rolling strings and organ-like bass. I didn’t want to miss a moment of it."*

                Read the full review here:


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                  Part 1 of another BOSC writeup:


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                    Another great write-up:
                    2 weeks with the Orchard Audio BOSC HiFi Monoblock Class-D GaN Amps

                    Before I go into any detail, let me say up front that these amps are something special. Detail and clarity galore with a transparency that grabs your attention and doesn't let go. The amps run cool to the touch and are so small that they can be easily stashed away out of site in any system. In my opinion, they punch way above their price point and easily turn a background music system into something that cannot be easily ignored... or at least, that was my experience.
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                      Another great write up:

                      This is an extremely good amplifier, something I could live with easily if I didn't own the Modulus 286. The noise floor is very low, and you hear tiny details into the background on many recordings. The amplifier is very similar sounding to the Modulus 286 which is a major compliment! Big, bombastic dynamics, excellent tight very well delineated bass and yes, ethereal high end. Soundstaging was wide, and performers were well placed, such that you could easily distinguish the differences between them.


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                        Kickstarter launching next week. Check out the project video:

                        Sign up for our mailing list to learn when Kickstarter project goes live:


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                          Kickstarter is live! Grab the early bird special while supplies last:


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                            Less than 2 weeks left!


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                              BOSC quality...
                              Every BOSC amp is hand-assembled and tested in the USA, by yours truly.

                              The circuit board (PCB) uses a high-quality dielectric, has a gold finish (ENIG), and is assembled in Eatontown, NJ.

                              The components all come from high-end semiconductor manufacturers: Texas Instruments; Analog Devices; Murata; Panasonic; and NXP; to name a few.

                              The output filter inductors use oxygen-free copper (OFC) and are specifically made for Class-D amplifiers.

                              Even though Orchard Audio is new to the market, I have multiple patents and over a decade of experience in designing audio electronics.

                              I believe that you will be very happy with both the sound and quality of BOSC amplifiers.

                              Contact me with any questions!