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  • Metronome's New Digital Sharing Streamer

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    The first step of Métronome in the streaming world had been taken at the end of 2017 with the launching of the DIGITAL SHARING range. The DSS, for DIGITAL SHARING Streamer, is the second product of this product line, and the first streaming transport at Métronome, after DSC1 which is a connected D/A converter.

    Métronome's designer Clauzel decided to keep the piano design of the DS range and reduce the size of the housing in order to be easy to insert in any system (25x25x7cm = 9.8x9.8x2.8 in). The blue touch and blue logo on the front plate are a reminder wink to the famous blue leds which have been lightening for years all the CD players of the brand.

    Perfectly plug-and-play, DSS will accept all files formats in PCM up to 384 kHz and DSD64, streamed through ethernet or Wi-Fi, and is MQA compatible. Being UPnP and DLNA certified, it is thus usable with all player Apps under those protocols. It is also ROON compatible and Airplay 1 and Airplay 2 certified.
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    Looks more like a piece of seventies computer gear than a modern piece of audio gear?
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