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  • seamonster
    Herbie's Cone/Spike Puckies seem to make a difference under my speakers. I have them set on large ceramic tiles, with anti-vibration pads separating another tile on the bottom and sitting on wall-to-wall carpet. Putting the speaker spikes into the Puckies seemed to increase resolution.Certainly a cheap tweak that wouldn't work for everyone.

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  • MylesBAstor
    started a topic Winter 2020 News From Magico

    Winter 2020 News From Magico

    I thought this was a very interesting observation and just another example of the many trade offs we face when trying to get the best sound from our systems.

    “Successful feet must achieve two apparently conflicting goals: block the transmission of vibration between the loudspeakers and the floor – while securely anchoring the speakers to the floor. It’s not as simple as placing a soft cushion like a rubber mat under the speaker. Without a firm foundation, the speaker will tend to rock, vibrating in response to driver motions. (Think about trying to push something when you’re wearing roller skates.) Speaker rocking results in constant signal smearing, which hampers microdynamics and introduces a veil between you and the music.

    It also seems easy to eliminate rocking by firmly anchoring the speakers to the floor. But this permits the direct transmission of vibration between the speakers and the floor, the very problem we seek to eliminate. It’s a paradox.”

    I knew one person where the floor of his custom deigned room was sectioned into three pieces so the two speakers were isolated and couldn’t talk to each other. The left speaker sat on one section, the right speaker on a second section and the listener sat on a third section.