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  • Vladimir Lamm RIP!

    With a heavy heart I announce the death of my dear friend and mentor Vladimir Lamm. I lost a friend and the audio world lost his best, RIP Vladimir you’ll be missed.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	13BBA6C0-5DAA-4184-9D8C-532F28920D0F.png Views:	0 Size:	122.1 KB ID:	166651

    Manufacturer: American Sound Turntables and The Nothing Rack
    Distribution: NEODIO

    Special Sales: van den Hul
    Industry Representation: Lamm, Kharma OLS Speakers, Ortofon, ZYX, Keith Monks, Audio Desk, Jensen Transformer, Venta Airwasher

    Unique Items: Vintage Horn Speakers

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    Sorry to hear that. He was an interesting guy and very nice the couple of times we met.

    Turntable: - 1. Fairchild 750/OMA slate plinth
    2. Analog Engineering AE-2008 MinusK support.
    Tonearm: 1. Schroder Custom
    2. Schick 12"
    3. Abis SA-1
    Cartridge: Miyajima Kansui and Premium BE Mono
    PhonoPre: AprilSound LR, EMIA Strain Gauge, EMIA silver SUT
    CD: Wadia 860x
    Server: Innuos Zen Mini Mk3
    DAC: Computer Audio Design 1543 Mk2
    Preamp: Bent Audio TAP-X w silver autoformers
    Amplifier: AprilSound SET50 monoblocks
    Speaker: Pioneer PAX-30C


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      Sad news. He was a great engineer. At Lamm, he was very accessible & had a good sense of humor. Probably forgot more about audio then I know. RIP
      CJ Gat, Lamm ML1.1, CJ Tea1 S3 phono, TW Acoustics Raven AC, Tri-Planer MK Vll SE, Vdh Crimson Stradivarius, Exemplar Modded 205(Tube Output & separate power supply), Rockport Avior ll Speakers, Shunyata Everest, Triton V3, Shunyata Sigma Power Cables, Sigma SC's & Python Zitron IC's. Audio Desk Pro LP Cleaner, Stillpoints & Stillpoints Aperture Panels.


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        So sorry to hear David. May he rest in peace and his family take solace in the legacy he left.
        Micro Seiki SX-8000 table with flywheel, SME 3012R arm, SME 312S arm, Lyra Etna SL and Dynavector XV-1S cartridges, ARC Ref 3 phono stage, Otari MX-55 tape deck, Ampex 350 repros, Roon Nucleus Plus server, PS Audio DSJ DAC, ARC Ref 6 pre, ARC Ref 75 amp, JBL 4345 speakers, and Def Tech Ref subs.


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          Vlad will be missed by his legions of fans that use and love his gear. RIP


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            Very sad news. His WE417A driven Phonostage introduced me to music playback I never thought possible. He just rebuilt it for me after 20 years or so. Makes it even more of a treasure. A loss for music reproduction. His SS quiet tube designs, helped usher in the tube revival, reshaping what was possible. Best wishes to Elina.