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LAMM Announces Update to L2 Reference Preamplifier

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  • LAMM Announces Update to L2 Reference Preamplifier

    We are happy to announce that a modified version of our long-running L2 Reference preamp -- the L2.1 Reference – will be commercially available in October 2016.

    The L2.1 Reference employs a pure class A operation from input to output, with no overall feedback at any stage; all stages, including high current output buffers, are single-ended. Also featured are specially selected high voltage super linear MOS-FETs in the signal path and TKD stepped potentiometers for volume control – the best available on today’s market.

    The preamplifier’s audibly neutral power supply features a choke contained filter, a full-wave vacuum tube rectifier and vacuum tube voltage regulator which allow to virtually eliminate the hum and buzz and, ultimately, to ensure the authenticity of the essence of sound throughout the entire dynamic range without any coloration. Other features include 3 inputs; one tape/home theater processor loop; output signal phase switch; balanced and single-ended outputs; protection circuitry designed to enable manual muting of the output signal; and built-in remote on/off for Lamm power amplifiers.

    The main distinction of the L2.1 Reference from any other comparable type of preamplifiers is its almost inaudible sonic signature. When connected to an appropriate type of power amplifiers, especially LAMM power amplifiers, it assures the extraordinary transparency of perceived sound and recreation of a three-dimensional soundstage in the home, recording studio, etc. without boundaries and limitations.

    In a nutshell, the L2.1 Reference includes the following upgrades and modifications as compared to the L2 Reference:
    · increased immunity to unwanted radio frequency interferences propagated via both radiation and conduction over signal lines & AC power systems
    · certain modifications in protection and time delay circuitries
    · improved signal/noise ratio
    · replacement of a number of critical components with newly available types of better quality [in particular, replacement of electrolytic capacitors in the tube voltage regulation section with newly developed high density polypropylene capacitors of comparable size and value(!)]
    · utilization of a technologically new type of pc-boards of superior quality, with gold-plated traces and thru-holes.

    Each preamplifier is carefully crafted with the finest materials and top quality parts like military-grade DALE/VISHAY metal-film resistors, RCD wire-wound resistors, TKD 41-step volume control potentiometers of the highest quality available on today’s market, BOURNS multi-turn potentiometers, VISHAY electrolytic capacitors, ELECTROCUBE, EPCOS and RIFA/KEMET film capacitors; HAMMOND chokes, god-plated NEUTRIC connectors, and military-grade low-noise long-life vacuum tubes.

    The L2.1 Reference features a custom-designed super-low noise power transformer.

    The U.S. retail is $22,790.
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    Worth noting, Lamm does not give out the 'Reference' appellation lightly. Only two of their products receive it: the L2.x Reference preamp and the M1.2 Reference hybrid monoblocks.


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      Wow it must be good, its got GOD plated connectors.
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        I used an L-2 for a long time as my line stage- it was very neutral in the midrange- almost uncanny with the companion ML2 SET amps. It never called attention to itself. You had no clue that it was really a solid state audio path with a tube power supply. It didn't have the apparent frequency extension of my current line stage (the Veloce version 2) but it had the same quality as Lamm's SET amps-a sort of non-mechanical continuousness of music that had dimension and texture. I liked the unit very much, it was very well built and kind of old school in a way that I found appealing, with its double stepped potentiometers. It reminded me a little of my old ARC SP-10 mk ii, particularly in the two chassis, long toggle switch layout. I had it updated with the latest tweaks (I think it was largely switches) and Vlad went over the power supply and replaced a few parts before I sold it.


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          Did you feel that it lacked a bit of ooomph with the ML2s Bill? That was my impression with ML2.1s. The low voltage output of the L2 seemed best suited with the M series amps and the LLs better suited for the less sensitive MLs. I still have a pair of ML1.1s and someday I'll get an LL2.1 for a second system, maybe with horns


          • Bill Hart
            Bill Hart commented
            Editing a comment
            Jack, never did the comparison with the other Lamm line stages and Lamm amps, but what you are describing may be what I was hearing as a roll-off at the frequency extremes- the bass was there, but it was subdued. The highs weren't flashy, but had great dimension and body. I never felt like I had to crank the L2, given the efficiency of my Avantgardes, but that doesn't change what either of us are describing. I'm a big fan of Vlad's even though I'm not a dealer and could conceivably buy anything else within reason (yeah, I guess that's a qualification given some of the prices today). I'll probably keep my ML2 amps forever.