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  • MOFI To Distribute Spiral Groove

    BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA | December 15, 2016 - Spiral Groove today announced that its turntables, tonearms and accessories are now being distributed by MoFi Distribution in the U.S. and Canada.

    In addition to Spiral Groove, Chicago-based MoFi Distribution is the distributor for premier high-end audio brands Wharfedale, QUAD, Balanced Audio Technology, Koetsu, TAD, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab and other manufacturers.

    Spiral Groove's product lineup includes the ultimate-performance SG1.2 and Revolution turntables, Centroid tonearms and Strange Attractors isolation feet. Spiral Groove products are engineered using Spiral Groove's Balanced Force Design approach, aimed at achieving the most elegant equilibrium of materials, performance, function, manufacturability and beauty.

    "We are proud to be partnering with MoFi Distribution in bringing Spiral Groove to a wider range of music lovers and audiophiles," said Allen Perkins, president of Spiral Groove. "Their expertise in distribution and marketing will be a key factor in expanding the availability of Spiral Groove in the U.S."

    The Spiral Groove SG1.2 and Revolution turntables are designed and built to the highest standards to deliver extraordinary record playback. Both models incorporate features including platters and bodies made from separate layers of materials selected to minimize and provide isolation from noise, AC synchronous motors with outboard power supplies for precise speed control, inverted sapphire disc/hardened steel bearings and many additional refinements.

    The Centroid Universal tonearm is an ultimate-performance tonearm built from materials selected for low mass, high strength and the ability to transfer mechanical energy away from the cartridge. Spiral Groove's Strange Attractors are vibration isolation devices that are placed under a loudspeaker or component to absorb unwanted vibrations that can degrade the sound of an audio system.

    "The addition of Spiral Groove perfectly complements our product lineup, as now we can provide the finest in analog playback to our dealers and their customers, and offer a complete range of high-end audio components from source to electronics to speakers," said Jonathan Derda, National Sales and Marketing Manager of MoFi Distribution. "It's an ideal synergy for both companies."

    About Spiral Groove
    Spiral Groove designs and manufactures turntables, tonearms and accessories that embody the highest standards of precision engineering to convey music with exceptional fidelity and emotional involvement. The concept of Balanced Force Design is at the heart of every Spiral Groove product. The goal of Balanced Force Design is to achieve the most elegant equilibrium of materials, performance, function, manufacturability and beauty.

    All Spiral Groove products are manufactured in Berkeley, California. For more information please visit:
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    there was no mention of Avid in the press release, I thought MoFi (née Music Direct) had a financial stake in that Co. I wonder if this relationship is more than distribution. Anyways it couldn't happen to a nicer guy (Allen) I hope the marriage is a good one.


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      I noticed the same thing.

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    Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post
    All Spiral Groove products are manufactured in Berkeley, California. For more information please visit:
    Wrong link address. Here's the correct link:
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      Thanks, I actually had corrected the link but it appears the correction didn't take. Thanks for the heads up!

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    If the photo is the latest edition SG it certainly has been spiffed up. Very nice.
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	Day The Earth Stood Still.jpg
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      Table reminds me of The Day The Earth Stood Still.
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        Originally posted by Joe Pittman View Post
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Day The Earth Stood Still.jpg
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        Table reminds me of The Day The Earth Stood Still.
        I enjoyed that movie ( 1951) Michael Rennie, Patrica Neal and Gort the robot played by Lock Martin the actual door man of Grauman's Chinese Theater,

        Cool looking turntable
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