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conrad-johnson Adds Two Amplifiers to Their Classic Line

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  • conrad-johnson Adds Two Amplifiers to Their Classic Line

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    Conrad-Johnson Announces: Two New Classic Amplifiers.

    Conrad-Johnson is excited to kick off the new year of 2017 with two new amplifiers in our popular Classic range of products, the Classic Sixty-Two and the Classic One- Twenty.

    These products represent a fulfillment of our commitment to adapt the advances of our state-of-the-art designs to more affordable products accessible to a broader range of audiophiles and music lovers. Borrowing heavily on the technology of our flagship ART amplifiers, the Classic amplifiers excel at preserving the tonal character of instruments and voices and clearly locating these individual sources within the acoustical environment.

    Our approach to outstanding musicality continues to be straightforward: best results come from simple circuits executed with quality parts. The Classic Sixty-Two circuit achieves its magic with just seven vacuum-tubes, including one pair of EL34 output tubes per channel to produce 60 Watts per channel. The Classic One-Twenty adds a second pair of EL34s for 120 Watts per channel.

    High quality parts are used throughout the circuits. Following a long-standing tradition at conrad-johnson, we offer upgraded special edition (SE) versions of both models featuring strategic application of CJD Teflon capacitors and ultra high-performance metal foil resistors.

    US Suggested retail prices for the Classic Sixty-Two and Classic One-Twenty are $4,250 and $8,000 respectively. The SE models have US suggested retail prices of $5,750 and
    $10,000. All models are available for immediate delivery.


    conrad-johnson It just sounds right.
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