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Western Electric Select to Distribute Gauder Akustik Speakers

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  • Western Electric Select to Distribute Gauder Akustik Speakers

    For Immediate Release

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    Western Electric Select Introduces Gauder Akustik Speakers
    Uber-Successful German Brand Available in the US
    Visit them at Munich HIGHEND | Atrium | Demos E105 | Press/Industry E104

    5/9/2017 | Rossville, Georgia | Western Electric Select®, a division of Western Electric®, distributes and sells only the finest High End products available. The first to qualify for WE Select is Gauder Akustik, a successful speaker manufacturer with a full line based in Renningen, Germany.

    Roland Gauder is a physicist using extreme computing power for speaker calculations and design on a strictly mathematical basis that led to many advanced speaker innovations. “The most important speaker parameters are excellent impulse response, wide dispersion, and eliminating frequency overlap at the crossover points which only creates phase problems,” explains Mr. Gauder.

    “Music consists of impulses,” he continues, “there are no sine waves in nature! Frequency response only tells part of the story, it’s impulse response that makes a speaker sound good or mediocre. We’ve tried many drivers and diaphragm materials but there’s nothing that compares to ceramic or diamond, the only materials we can say faithfully reproduce music’s impulse demands. Ultra-steep, symmetrical crossovers reduce driver overlap to the absolute minimum for extremely smooth phase response.” The sound is dynamic and captivating, an emotional wash of music and feeling.

    Beautiful Cabinets Complement the Calculations
    The Arcona series are beautifully-finished with curved cabinets; the Vescova and Cassiano are curved-cabinet construction and allow sand-loading the sidewalls. The fabulous Berlina series features unique rib construction; rather than sidewalls, single ribs are stacked one over the other creating an enclosed volume. Bottom and top covers complete the construction. Gauder Akustik cabinets avoid ringing and virtually disappear as the music flows.

    About Western Electric Select
    Western Electric Select®, a division of Western Electric®, distributes and sells the finest products available. The first to qualify for WE Select® is Gauder Akustik a successful speaker manufacturer from Renningen, Germany. Western Electric’s high-end audio products are renowned the world over, and the WE 300B audio tube is still regarded as the standard of the world.

    About Gauder Akustik
    Gauder Akustik is an award-winning speaker manufacturer acclaimed in Germany, Europe and other countries around the world. It features a full line of spectacular-sounding speakers for everyone who loves design as well as music. Visit them at HIGHEND 2017 in Munich, Atrium E105, press and industry meetings in E104.

    Western Electric | Rossville, Georgia | Tel: 404.352.2000
    [email protected] | |

    Gauder Akustik | Renningen Germany | Tel: +49 7159 920161
    [email protected] |

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    Just out of curiosity, does WE have any plans to resume production of tubes, specifically their 300B reproduction? While they will not compete with the real thing, they are quite good for what they are in my opinion.
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      When WE brought the 300B back into production, they had a ton of issues. Even though they had the original manufacturing equipment and the original 'recipe,' they still had lots of issues to overcome. Of course all of the people who made them originally were long gone and so was their tribal knowledge which can never be taken for granted for its importance. You can have all of the production procedures in the world, but there is always knowledge that never gets captured in procedures. This knowledge gets passed down from person to person. Once you break that chain, the tribal knowledge goes out the window.

    • fcrowder
      fcrowder commented
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      My preferences are specific to use of the 300B in my personal pair of Audio Note Balanced Kegons and your tube of choice may vary in other amps/circuits/systems. I will say that I have compared various Shugangs, the tubes provided by Peter, the Takasuki's and various Western Electric tubes including my current favorites, a quad of WE300B tubes from the early 1970's which are sonically superior to the re-issues by a fair margin. If I were looking for a currently manufactured 300B, I would probably be looking at current Elrog production which I understand to be excellent.

    • bonzo75
      bonzo75 commented
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      That agrees with the report of Peter Qvotrup etc. That they had to go to 70s and before to get good WEs. I like Elrog and KR 300bs among 300bs, the Elrog have a sparkle but do have a color, KR are more neutral and unlike 300bs. I haven’t compared EML Mesh but one guy preferred them to the Taks. That said, I am not a 300b guy. On the Lampi all of us who compared moved on to KR PX4/25, EML mesh anniversary globe 45s, or KR 242s. On amps I have not liked 300b either when compared except I loved the whole WE set up with vintage signed 300As

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    The Gauder with Vitus have always been excellent at Munich