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The Beatles (White album) is getting a remix.

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    Originally posted by JCOConnell View Post
    The original stereo mix is excellent and its also a fine recording. No need for a stinkin remix.
    Remixing goes back to the original multi-track tapes as the source. You are therefore eliminating a whole tape generation which is an audible improvement in SQ. Every tape generation (tape to tape transfer) generates more distortion, more noise, more wow/flutter and reduces transient response.

    If the re-mix is done well ( a big IF and a whole other topic), it should improve SQ. Cleaner, more alive sound.


    • JCOConnell
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      that's just my point, the original mix is fine and the recording IS already clean and alive.

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    This is what I always thought the difference was. I found this on the SHForum.

    In layman's terms:

    A remix of a song generally means rearranging parts of the song, adding or subtracting tracks, changing the emphasis on certain instruments, and could involve lengthening it for "extended dance remixes", etc.. The result does not sound the same as the original song. It's a different version.

    A remaster means adjusting the quality of the individual tracks on the original song in an attempt to improve it, but the original structure of the song stays intact. In other words, it's still the same song, just (hopefully) better sounding.
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      Originally posted by Alrainbow View Post
      Too bad there is no SHM of the beetles that would be great. SHM may be digital but it's still great music and quality. My songs in the key of life is amazing. I think it may be a remix it has sounds the others I have do not.
      I have only heard one SHM CD and it was Steely Dan Aja. The guy that played it for me was proud of it. I thought it blew dangling donkey appendages. Since he had a turntable, I asked him if he had Aja on LP. He did, so we cleaned it on his RCM and put it on and he was blown away at how it clearly trounced his SHM copy. And mind you his turntable setup was fairly modest with a mid-level Rega table. That was the beginning and the end of my interest in overpriced SHM CD reissues.
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        SHM is very inconsistent. Some sound excellent (many Who, Stones, Elton John, etc albums), but many have even more over-compressed, over-EQ'ed sound than the coresponding US CD's. There is a very good sounding Japanese SACD of Aja, I haven't heard the SHM-CD.


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          Pig in a poke.

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        Producer Giles Martin confirmed that the Beatles' 1968 self-titled album will be the subject of a forthcoming expanded reissue.
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          With all of our favorite classic albums being altered and bugered up permanently via repeated remastering and remixing, before long it will no longer be possible to acquire the original music as it was originally released, except via original vinyl.That should make the value of original vinyl go up in value, its better than new.Its the original music.
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