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  • Music Direct Ultimate Cartridge Setup Service

    This is not new to me since I have been doing this for quite a few years but is relatively new at Music Direct, briefly described on page 29 of our catalog.

    Please check it out and give me a call if you have any questions. Also please visit our rooms at AXPONA.

    Brian Walsh

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    Well I think that's pretty cool!
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      Excellent Service and so necessary for optimum Analog Playback--especially if you are all thumbs --like me!

      Plus Brian is the acknowledge go to man for this type of setup

      Definitely a must!



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        So, you make house calls? And that's limited to Chicago metro? Or people ship their turntables to you to perform the service and the 'set up' table is return shipped? (which would make me more than a bit wary). Inquiring minds....


        • bpw
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          Bill, I'm happy to go anywhere. Moderate travel expenses have to be added, of course. But it gets done right, every time. I'm hell-bent on doing that. People can ship turntables to me, subject to discussion as to whether things will stay set, which often they do.

        • Bill Hart
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          Brian, that's great!