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LKV Research developing new headphone amp

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  • LKV Research developing new headphone amp

    Here in North Conway, we have been lstening to our first prototype of LKV Research's upcoming headphone amp. It is essentially a small power amplifier made comapct enough to fit into our Verito 1 phono integrated.

    This design is based on a Class AB power amp output stage. It can deliver all the current and voltage needed to drive virtually all headphones, including those with low sensitivity and impedances ranging from 50 to over 600 ohms. It operates entirely within Class A except in cases of very low impedance headphones combined with very loud signals. In those cases it employs the reserves of current and voltage provided by the Class AB design to handle clean, natural transients and peaks. It is dead quiet and has vanishingly low distortion and less than 1 ohm output impedance. Best of all, listening tests to date promise great sound.

    We anticipate offering it as an option in the Verito 1, and an upgraded (possibly all discrete) version as a stand alone headphone amp. With this option, the Verito 1 will offer audiophiles 1) a top notch phono stage suitable for MM cartridges as well MCs with outputs as low as 0.3mV; 2) a fully balanced preamp with volume control, source selection, four line level inputs and one line level output carried on RCA jacks; 3)a power amp capable of delivering more than 180 watts to 8,4 and 2 ohm speakers; and a great sounding headphone amp.

    See some pics of the prototype below.

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    Bill if I may offer something fo this amp.
    Some headphones like the hd 800 need a high output inpeadance to sound great . Other headphones need high current and watts at 50 ohms. May I ask how many watts at given imp does it yield ?
    Is the amp neutral ?
    Bill please do not feel I am attacking you. I am not I am just asking questions is all.
    Headphone amps are like speaker amps while most are designed for 8 ohms they don’t sound right at 4 much less at two
    one of my amps is a woo wa 5 and while tubes is good it’s locked into the sound of the ones chosen
    but it does have one adavage it uses a transformer so it has a knob that allows me to make it right for almost any imp.
    Again plesee not attacking I am offering advice only ok.
    analog stuff.
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