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Gryphon Audio Designs N.America launch of new Zena preamp at RMAF 2018

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  • Gryphon Audio Designs N.America launch of new Zena preamp at RMAF 2018

    Gryphon Audio Designs are honoured to announce the N. American debut of their new Zena preamplifier at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival to be held in Denver, CO from 5 -7 October at the Denver Marriott Tech Centre. The Zena will be on active display at Long’s Peak on the mezzanine level.
    'The Audio Beat website notes simply that “Any Gryphon preamp or amp is a final destination point for audiophiles, both in terms of performance and price.” injects the following observation based on decades of experience: “It’s hard to keep my enthusiasm bottled, when something arrives for a review directly from Gryphon Audio and Flemming Rasmussen.”
    Now, in its long-awaited debut, the Gryphon Zena true dual mono preamplifier harvests the fruit of significant advances made in the evolution of the state of the art Gryphon Mirage.
    The Zena preamp is based on an exclusive, fully discrete, DC-coupled Class A topology with zero global negative feedback and extended 1 MHz frequency bandwidth, all contributing to high slew rates, extreme transient fidelity and zero treble phase shift for proper focus with fine ambient micro-detail.
    The Gryphon Zena replaces the Athena ball-bearing volume wheel with touch-sensitive up/down buttons to create a volume attenuator consisting of 43 individual steps in 2 dB increments, with no more than two resistors in the volume control signal path at any given time.
    Among the numerous component upgrades of the Zena is an ultra-precise array of SMD metal-foil resistors and hermetically sealed, gold-plated, ultra-low capacitance Pickering reed relays.
    Equally crucial, the Zena volume attenuator is fully balanced, with no conversion of the signal from the XLR inputs to single-ended prior to attenuation, as was the case with the Athena. This simplification of the Zena signal path represents a major step forward in sound quality.
    The Zena employs shunt regulators in the voltage supplies to the active circuits of the volume attenuator, in order to ensure a DC supply with ultra-low output impedance across a wide frequency band and optimal noise suppression.
    To allow use in a surround system without compromising the stereo performance of the Gryphon Zena, the preamp now includes an expanded AV throughput function, so that either Input 2 (XLR) or input 3 (phono) can be configured as a 0 dB AV throughput for ideal integration with the owner’s multi-channel installation.
    The Zena will be available in November from authorised Gryphon dealers, prices starting at $17,500 excluding phono stage or DAC module.
    more info -

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    I'd love to own a Zena but I'm just going to have to make do with my ~25 year old Gryphon XT (with phono) preamp.
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      Very cool now I really wish I was going to RMAF

      17,500 not that bad in todays world how much is the phono section add to the party


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        The optional PS2 phono stage is $2,150 and can be added at any time. While the optional fully balanced DAC module is $6k.


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          If the phono is good and the preamp is good not that bad price wise IMO all depends on what it sounds like to the person buying it.

          Company has a solid reputation time will tell