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  • Greetings from CA

    Hi guys,

    First off, it was my pleasure to be able to join this friendly group.

    My name is Hugh Nguyen and I am the owner of ACA (Angel City Audio).
    We are the US exclusive distributor of Melody Valve HiFi.
    We also manufacture our own lines of speakers and so far we have released 2 models, the Trinity and the Seraphim.

    Here is our website:
    Feel free to peruse at your convenience.

    Here are a few reviews of our products, FYI.

    Thanks all,
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    Hugh Nguyen

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    maybe that's


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      Originally posted by Andy View Post
      That's correct.

      Thanks Andy.

      Typing on iPad is not good for my old eyes. :-)
      Hugh Nguyen


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        I corrected the link.

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      I have liked you products at show over the years Hugh.
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      • Hugh
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        Thank YOU.

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      Originally posted by 1morerecord2clean View Post
      I have liked you products at show over the years Hugh.

      The big Melody Audio monoblock 845 amps sounded really nice at a recent show not to mention looked sexy as hell in black.
      Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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        Thanks Myles.
        Hugh Nguyen