Hey everyone,

I just a simple introduction here.. My name is Jordan and have been toying around with speakers since I was about 6-8 years old. I remember taking apart an old upright radio from the 40's when I was a kid and that pretty much did it for me. I have never a high level speaker builder but I was the guy in highschool taking measurements and calculating the T/S parameters and designing stereos for my classmates. I was mostly into high efficiency bass drivers with small (cheap) amps my friends could afford.

I like picking up old speakers from the Goodwill, upgrading and updating them. This last pair, a set of Advent Baby III speakers I picked up for $6.99. The sound pretty much sucked the foams where rotted so It ended up being about a 4 day project, Braced, re damped with all manner of materials. The rubber grill inserts are now removed, with the carpet on front to act as a aperiodic enclosure. Tweeters where offset slightly and no bolts in the cabinets, they are siliconed in place. And of course the Caps where upgraded with some old mylar caps I had from a set of Cerwin Vega's.

At any rate I have re-remembered a speaker I designed, I figure about 25 years ago. I have many variations, the current is a spiral shaped 1/8 wave horn loaded (wave guide?) transmission line speaker with a full range driver. I have poor math skills but seem to have spacial visualisation which is what i'm working with.. I guess this is the art of speaker building.