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    Me llamo Esteban. Yo Viva in NY. Mi espanol is mucho no bueno so Engish. Been doing audio since my teens. I remember gathering old tubes and a shoebox (prepubescent) and making these awesome tube amps in my garage. Of course they didn't do anything other than look cool. I would just punch the pins through the top, and run wires everywhere.
    At 16 I started working for Radio Shack until I started college (only lasted for a brief two semesters) and started working for Neil Sinclair, who is, or at least was in ownership of Theta. He owned two high end shops in Southern CA., and we stocked these and more. NAD, Polk, Naim, Linn, Dynavector, Magnepan, Rega and the infamous Dynaco.
    My first real system was Dynaco amp (run as monos), Rega with Dynavector Ruby, Soundcraftsman pre, Nakamichi cassette deck, and Monster Cable.
    Hope this forum stays on the right track.

    Muchos Gracias.
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    Hola Esteban and glad to have you onboard!!!

    Sounds like you've been around the block a few times and have a lot to share with the forum members!

    Haven't seen Neil in years. Not sure he's with Theta anymore. Maybe he's back playing his drums!
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