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Austin Acoustic 4-Way Horn System

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  • Austin Acoustic 4-Way Horn System

    Hello everyone,

    My system consists of the following:

    Prototype 4-way horn speakers
    M-300B SET amps for tweeter
    M-205D SET amps for upper mid
    M-205D SET amps for lower mid
    M-GM70 SET amps for bass
    LS-436A line stage preamp
    DA-436A DAC gain stage
    Mac Pro server with NOS DAC
    Ampex ATR-102 tape deck

    Man Nguyen
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    That took a lot of time and patience to set up I would love to hear that system


    • Austin Acoustic
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      Thank you Garth

      You are welcome to come listen. I am in Austin TX.
      To experience my system is worth the trip.

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    Beautiful setup! &


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      ENJOY the forum. Click image for larger version

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        If I am ever in Austin I will drop by or I get time a trip to Austin is not out of the question. Thanks for the invite welcome to the form


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          Thank you guys for the warm welcome.

          FYI, Austin has 2 big music festival every year: Austin City Limit (ACL) and South By Southwest (SXSW).
          They draw significant amount of people from all over the world.


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            Fantastic. is the ATR split in half? What am I seeing?


            • Austin Acoustic
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              Thank you Jonathan.

              Yes, the 2 reel motors are separated from the main machine. They are housed in a sub chassis that I designed.

            • jonathanhorwich
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              Wow. I'm knocked out. And you did that to isolate the transport from the electronics?

            • Austin Acoustic
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              Just to isolate the 2 reel motors to eliminate the vibration of the reel motors and spinning reels from the main machine.
              The side benefits are eliminating the magnetic field and heat of the reel motors from the main machine.
              I do not use the fan.

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            Hugely impressive.


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              Hi Man!

              Glad to have another Tapehead aboard. Looking forward to hearing more of your journey down the rabbit hole! 🤣
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