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Hi from north Ca.

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  • Hi from north Ca.

    I stumbled on to this forum while surfing the web and have for the last several days reading the post and seeing a lot of names that I recognize or have met, so I decided I have to signe up, this is my first post and thought I’d tell you a little about me, first I’m retired and consider myself a DIY Audiophile skeptic, I’ve been messing around with Hi Fi and stereo equipment since the 1950 and always been interested audio and building speaker system and cabinets.

    Since then I have build hundreds of speaker systems both Hi Fi audio and electric guitar selling most of them, also put together Eico, Dynakit and Heathkit amps and preamps and still have some of them, also upgrading vintage amps, preamp both tube and solid state.

    As you can see I’ve been into this stuff for a long time and aside from building speaker cabinets my main interest is working on reel to reel tape decks which I have had many including a Heathkit reel to reel tape recorder which I also build but no longer have.

    My main source for music is reel to reel tape and vinyl, sorry no digital I’m an analogman, my thing is too build a $4000 system that sounds like a $400,000 one.

    My main system at present is a very simple and basic,

    Sony TA-E90ES preamp, two McIntosh MC-40 mono block tube amps (which I upgraded & re-capped) Pro-ject TT, Ortofon Grado cartridges, Tascam BR-20, 42MB and Teac X2000M R2R tape decks, hand made solid wood speakers and all equipment tape deck stands and cabinets are also hand made. (All subject to change without notice) I have included some photos of my music room.


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    Nice system; I live in the South Bay.

    I have recently found the most satisfying upgrades to be isolation (both top and bottom of units) and cleaner power; sound clarity is almost like a component change. I see from your pictures you have addressed some or most of these items.

    I began the process as a skeptic, but became a convert. I do not know how these work, but to my ears they work well. The guy at audiobacon even put a component on a bag of chips and it changed the sound.

    Another change I made was to try the Shroeder Method of taking two pairs of interconnects with a Y adapter at each end for each channel. I thought it was a crazy idea, and should be used with caution, but again it works in my system.

    You can probably DIY several of these for a lot less money.
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      Nice looking setup!


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        PREAMP: Audionet PRE G2.
        AMPLIFIER: Audionet MAX monoblocks.
        SPEAKERS: YG Acoustics Anat III Signatures (upgraded to Sonja 1.2) SVS SB-4000 subwoofers (x2)
        CABLES: Kubala-Sosna.....Audio Desk Systeme RCM, Adona Rack, GIK room treatment


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          ...I wish I was retired but I got stupid and am paying the price. Anyway forget that, welcome and I hope you enjoy your time here. It is a great place.
          Life is is just samples thereof.

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            Analog: VPI Traveler / Ortofon 2M Bronze-Lounge Audio LCRMKIII MM Phono Preamp w/ silver wire-Digital: Oppo UDP 205-Apple TV Amplification: Arte Forma/Gill Audio dual mono-block design solid state amplifier w/ an Atma-sphere UV 1 tube preamp Speakers: Vandersteen 2CI Cabling: Cardas Iridium interconnects, Pangea SE phono cable and Cardas Parsec bi-wire speaker cable Power: Signal Cable MagicPower cords, Monster Power HTS 3500


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              welcome to the forum
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