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  • Just a dilatant

    Well, i've been lurking here for a few weeks, so I thought it time to say something about me. Always hate doing that.

    Seems Myles has spotted me and welcomed me. Thank Myles. I read your posts with a nod to a master.

    I've been a pseudo audiophile for as long as I can remember. Cruising by the Lafayette store on my way home from high school and drooling over a Teac X-1000 in the window. My first 'stereo' was a Sherwood system bought in 1982 in Denver. Served me well. I bought a LOT of MFSL releases in the early to mid 80's. Still have them all. I finally got that reel-to-reel in 1986 when I purchased a Teac X-2000R I still have it today.

    Currently, I'm sporting a Yaqin MC-100B integrated amp with a Yaqin SD-32A CD Player and ProJect Tube Box DS2 Phono Preamp with a DIY upgraded power supply. Besides the 4-track Teac X-2000R, I have 2 Otari MX-5050 BIII's and a MX-5050 BII. The turntable is a VPI Prime Signature with a Soundsmith Voice and as an option a second arm with a Shure V15Mx with the VN5xMR stylus that I've had for a while mounted. I also have a Nobosound Headphone Amp driving a pair of Sennheiser HD-650s headphones with an upgraded cable. All tubes have been rolled and I'm using Golden Lion match quad KT-88s in the amp with Sylvania 6SN7's and ECC803 Gold Pins from JJ. Except in the Nobosound. I've got a Tesla 12AX7 between those 6SN7s.

    Speakers are a DIY kit from Madisound based on the John Krutke designed ZRT 2.5 speakers sporting upgraded components in the crossover. I'm in the process of adding a DIY/self designed sub with a ScanSpeak Revelator driver and class A/B plate amp. Should fill in the bottom octave.

    After seeing some of the components you guys are running, I think I should stay a lurker. Why I feel I'm 'just a dilatant'.

    You'll find me active on the VPI forum and as I have something to contribute, here as well.
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    Digital (HDCD): Yaqin SD-32A
    Tape Decks: Teac X-2000R, Otari MX-5050 BIII-2 (X2) and BII-2H
    Turntable: Two Armed VPI Prime Signature, ADS, Periphery Clamp, Dual Pivot, HRX Pulley, Triple Belt
    Cartridges/Arms: Soundsmith Voice/JMW 10 3DR & Lyra Delos/JMW 10 3D
    Phono Preamp: Zestos Andros PS1
    Amp: Manley Stingray II
    Speakers: Madisound Zaph ZRT 2.5 Speakers, Dual Homemade 10", 250 (Ea) Watt Subs
    Power: PS Audio P5
    Accessories: VPI 16.5, Parasound ZPhono USB, JTP Cables, DIY Dual Cartridge Timers

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    Welcome from one of the great unwashed here. I think you'll find it less about the gear as such and more about what people do with it--including some of the most basic things having to do with set up, calibration and the like. Even the best components (whatever those are- I regard it, as I think most do, as a system) can't deliver their promise without some knowledge, and I think that's what we are here to share. My bent is more music than gear at this point, but there's room for that too. (And, as others have reminded me, I wouldn't be posting on an audiophile forum unless I liked gear). Contribute where you can, learn what you can. The dynamics of any forum evolve over time, and I'm glad to see all the different people-- some of whom I know from other fora- who have migrated here. Why? Largely substantive, very minimal snark, and it isn't because there's heavy handed moderation. I think it is because those who have joined up actually enjoy this stuff and are willing to share and help where they can. There is no shame in being a dilettante; they used to call such people "renaissance men" (B.G.S. -before gender sensitivity) or polymaths- someone with multiple talents or knowledge in disparate fields. Look at it this way-- some of us are getting smarter, and some of us are getting dumber. It all evens out in the end.


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      polymaths without competencies are dilettantes

      people who point this out are still called smart aleks :-)

      welcome JimTimP - talking about "upgraded components in the crossover" you sound like an audiophile to me


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        Originally posted by tima View Post
        . . . people who point this out are still called smart aleks :-)
        The true smart aleck posts to tell you that you've spelled smart aleck wrong . . .

        Analog: Scheu + Immedia RPM tonearm + Koetsu Black + Pass Xono or Threshold FET 10pe
        Amps: First Watt F7, HK Citation II
        Pre-Amps: CJ Premier 14, Threshold FET 10e, DIY 417a with output transformer
        Speakers: Horning Eufrodite, Reference 3A mm de capo
        Tuners: Sansui TU9900, McIntosh MR78
        Digital: i7 Server (Roon) + SSD, Sonore urendu + Mutec MC3+ USB + Berkeley Alpha Dac, Audiomeca Mephisto
        Power: Audience AR12, Torus Tot, DIY filters


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          I knew someone would take the bait... :-)

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          Bait? Suuuuuuuuure!