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Privet from Moscow (the Russians are coming!))

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  • Privet from Moscow (the Russians are coming!))

    Hi all.
    Honored to join such distinguished forum.
    Can’t brag about 40+year audiophile habit (I am only 43) and confess I am relatively new to the high end game (it’s just a hobby) - but quite enthusiastic to learn from all of you. Currently my (obviously quite modest by this forum’ standards) system is all analog: Studer 810, Nottingham+Lyra Delos with ARC electronics (PH3SE, VSi75) driving Forte III - and it makes me (and my building neighbors) sufficiently happy in a 220sq ft living room.
    I think my passion for music began in high school back in the USSR (late 80s) - must have been the excitement of regular police busts on our illegal LP market (outdoor, in an open field outside St. Peterburg at -20C in the winter) - owning/trading western records was illegal back then, so was the music itself. And I guess that’s why 70s rock is where it all began for me, but now with gray hair came appreciation for jazz and especially classical (luckily, living in Moscow, good live classical concerts in proper acoustic halls is a walk away all year around).
    Well, enough rambling on) - off to read this forum about reel to reel 2/15ips master tapes! (by the way, was able to score a few 1st generation copies, mostly classical, from local studio archives from the 70s...not a bad quality, even comparing to my Tape Project Oistrakh reference tape)



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    добро пожаловать!
    I'm limited to google translate so don't think I am a russian speaker. I have, over the years, been in touch with Yuri Grishin, who has done all those fabulous labelographies of the famous british labels.
    I am much taken with Scriabin and other russian 'modernist" composers from the early twentieth century (as well as industrial design and art from the period).
    You folks have some well kept music and hi-fi that I think we are largely ignorant of, here in the West.
    At some point, I would like to visit your country. (When it is warm).
    There's a good knowledge base here, and some interesting characters who can contribute without being- how do you say it in russian? головка пениса?


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      PREAMP: Audionet PRE G2.
      AMPLIFIER: Audionet MAX monoblocks.
      SPEAKERS: YG Acoustics Anat III Signatures (upgraded to Sonja 1.2) SVS SB-4000 subwoofers (x2)
      CABLES: Kubala-Sosna.....Audio Desk Systeme RCM, Adona Rack, GIK room treatment


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        )))) Bill)) the last one was a funny google translate result))
        sure, it’s starting to warm up in May, plan at least a week-10 days to visit Moscow and St. Pete (new Mariinsky concert hall where they record performances is a must), and plan ahead (getting visas became a pain recently). Happy to help with tips if needed)


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          Welcome, lots of music & sound lovers here at all levels.


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            Welcome. Glad you found Audionirvana.
            [TURNTABLE] TW Acustic Raven One [TONEARM] Dynavector DV 507Mkii & Graham Phantom [PHONO] BAT VK-P10 & Dynavector PHA200; [CARTRIDGE] Dynavector XV1S, Lyra Kleos, Ortofon Cadenza Mono [TAPE] Otari MTR15 & Technics RS1500 with JRF Headblock [DIGITAL] Grace Design M920, Lynx Auroa 8 ADC/DAC, Mac Mini with roon labs [PRAMP] McIntosh C2300 [AMP] McIntosh C601s [SPEAKERS] Legacy Audio Whisper & Wavelet [ACC] Klaudio Ultrasonic RCM


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              Life is is just samples thereof.

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                Welcome Rustem


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                  Welcome Rustem, this is a great place.