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  • Hello!

    Hello everybody!

    This is my first post here. I would like to thank Myles for inviting me (alongside a bunch of other Brazilian audiophiles by means of his post in our Facebook community) and to quickly introduce myself. First of all, nothing in this world touches my soul like music does. This is the only thing that truly matters. I´ve been around music (and audio gear) ever since I was born in the early 80´s, due to family influences. My mother was an amateur acoustic guitar player and singer (mostly bossa nova) and my dad was more into american music and hi-fi gear.

    I grew up listening to custom-made Altec A7´s. Since we didn´t have free trade in Brazil back in the day, pretty much everything was smugged and you can imagine how hard it would be to bring those beasts down... So instead of importing the whole speakers, many people would buy the horns/drivers and build the cabinets down here. Ours were beautifully made with Brazilian cherry wood. Being a little insane, my old man added a custom built subwoofer (Electrovoice driver) in a similarly looking cherrywood cabinet, as well as ribbons on top of the horns.

    There was an active crossover and stereo amps for the bass drivers, mids and ribbons (MC´s or Threshold on different occasions if memory serves me well). Sources were analog (a pair of Technics tables and a reel tape player) until one of them was sold and replaced with a Philips cd-player. I was too young to remember any specific details, but I do remember my dad´s disappointment with the cd-player (compared to the analog sources) when it got here.

    In the early 90´s we had a major economical crisis through which neither my folks´ marriage nor the hi-fi setup survived... It was sold in the middle of a divorce and I got used (although not satisfied) to listen to music on some vintage Pioneer 70´s electrostatic headphones whose model I cannot remember at all, though it taught me a lot about flatness and neutrality. I had to make do with consumer grade stuff until I had my own place and enough money to buy fairly decent gear. After growing up from Xindak to BAT VK-300x integrated, and from the VK-300 to VK-52se and VK-255se separates to my current Zanden setup (as well as from Thiels (SCS4, 1.7 and 2.7) to Magicos - currently S5´s MK2), I ended up here.

    I am currently not satisfied with my analog rig and have been listening to a lot of stuff trying to decide on my next steps. Table is currently a Kuzma Stabi Ref 2 with a 4 Point tonearm (previously owned Music Hall and ProJECT, Kuzma Stabi S).

    Music tastes: I love folk and soul, jazz and r&b and I´m deeply into 70´s stuff not only due to the music (harmony and lyrics) but also (and perhaps mostly) due to the recording/engineering process. I do believe that we really went backwards with multi-track recording and all the editing/mixing stuff that it brought along. I really miss the feeling of all players being in the same room and to my ears nothing sounds as full and as organic as those 70´s and pre 70´s recordings. I appreciate the engineering efforts of masterpieces such as Paul Simon´s Graceland, but albums such as Van Morrison´s Caravan (alongside many others) are clearly on a different sonic level, at least to my tastes.

    A final note: I played drums for quite a while and used to gig around town and record some stuff before Law took over. I do play acoustic guitar now, though not on a professional basis or level. it´s just for fun but it helps keeping my ears used to actual music. This also makes me feel that so many high-praised systems are completely exaggerating reality, both in terms of unrealistically big images (instruments and voices), as well as unrealistically high SPL´s. I would not call it hi-fi, but that´s only my two cents and I do respect those systems and those who appreciate that extra thump in the chest (I can also get a kick out of it). My hunt is aimed at a realistic and natural tonal palette, accurate imaging and rich harmonic structure.

    Happy to be aboard!

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    Luiz F Coimbra

    Magico S5 Mk. II
    Zanden 120
    Zanden 3100
    Zanden 8120
    Kuzma Stabi Reference 2 / 4 Point
    Benz LP-S
    Argento Serenity

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    Welcome Luiz


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      Thank you, Randy!

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    Welcome Luiz! Nice system.



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      Thanks Mike! Currently auditioning a Zanden 120 phono on loan from my dealer. We are unstoppable... lol

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    Welcome aboard. thanks for sharing your audio odyssey.
    Spkr: Wilson Alexias series 2; Amps: Lamm M1.2Ref; Linestage and phono: ARC Ref 10 and ARC Ref 10 Phono; TT: GPA Monaco 2.0; Arms: Kuzma 4Point, Tri-planar Mk. VII U2-SE; Cartridges: Allnic Arrow/Puritas, Benz LP S, Fuuga, Lyra Etna, Transfiguration Phoenix, Denon DL-A100,DL103R; Cables: Shunyata Σ / Σ NR PC/SC/IC; Pwr Cond: Shunyata Triton III, Typhons(3); Isolation: SRA Scuttle3 rack, SRA Ohio Class amp stands, ; Acoustics: Stillpoints Apertures; Audio cat: Finzi


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