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  • Hi

    Hello Folks,

    I am from Melbourne, like to listen to Vocal, Jazz, Blues, Classical too. I have been into audio like 30 years ago, that was when Pioneer, Technics, Yamaha,Sansui were on their golden years.

    Well... now we are all here, still mad about enjoying music and many chats with same fellow audiophile !!!

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    Great to have you onboard!

    Look forward to your posts!

    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

    Magico S5 Mk.2 speakers, cj ART300 40th Anniversary monoblock Amplifiers; cj GAT preamplifier Series 2; Doshi V3.0 and Thoress Mk. 2 phonostage; VPI Vanquish turntable/12-inch 3D tonearm/Lyra Atlas SL, Fuuga, vdh Colibri Signature, MOFI Master Tracker, Fuuga cartridges; Technics RS1506 with Flux Magnetic heads/Doshi V3.0 tape stage run balanced; Assorted cables including Transparent XL Gen. 5, Skogrand, Viero, Kubala-Sosna, MG Audio, Audience Au24SX, Genesis Advanced Technologies Power Cords. Stillpoint Aperture panels, MPod Magico feet, Cathedral Sound panels, Furutech NCF Nano AC receptacles; Silver Circle Tchaik 6 PLC. Symposium ISIS and SRA Craz racks; Audiodharma Cable Cooker; Symposium Ultra and assorted SRA platforms.


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      Yes indeed...
      Life is is just samples thereof.
      TT: VPI Prime, HRX Pulley, 3 Belt Drive, Dual Pivot, ADS, Ortofon Quintet Black S, Tru-Lift, AQ Leopard, Liberty B2B-1, MW-1
      Line Stage: *Audible Illusions L1
      Pwr Amp: Parasound A21
      Speakers: Magnepan MMC2, REL T5/i
      Digital: TASCAM UH-7000, Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai, NAD 446, Schiit Modi Multibit
      Headphones: Stax Lambda Pro, HiFiMan HE-400S, Schiit Lyr2
      Cables: Kimber Hero w/WBT, Kimber 8TC

      *Modified/Customized Component


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        Hello from Up Over -


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          Oh these peons who don’t recognize royalty when it sits before them! Hail! Hail! Hail to the King!
          TW Acustic TT with upgraded motor and controller; Tri-Planar Arm; Transfiguration Proteus Cart; iFi Phono 2; Bluesound Vault-2 Music Server & Streamer; Hovland HP-100; Pass Labs 150.8 Amplfier; Revel Studio Ultima Loudspeakers; Symposium Osiris Rack; Symposium Platforms and Roller Blocks plus grade 2.5 Balls; Shunyata Hydra 8; Shunyata AC Cords; MIT Oracle IC and Magnum Speaker Cables; Schiitt Headphone Amp; Sennheiser HD700 Headphones.


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            Yes, welcome here! But now 1morerecord2clean has piqued my curiosity!
            Horning Eufrodite Ellipse III Speakers - 300B Monoblocks - TW Acustic RLS-100 Line Stage - TW Acustic RPS-100 Phono Stage - TW Acustic Raven AC with (2) 10.5 Arms and Black Knight Anniversary Upgrades - Ortofon A-95 and Miyajima Zero - Playback Designs MP-5 to a Bricasti M1 DAC for SACD (DSD) and Redbook - Tascam 42B Refurbished - (2) Silver Circle Audio TCHAIK 6's - Custom Furutech Power Cords & Interconnects and Inakustik LS-4004 Air Speaker Cables - VPI 16.5 RCM


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              You don’t get my humor Tim?

            • timztunz
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              I think I did. Just making sure there’s not more to it than I gathered. Hope you’re doing well.

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            SOURCE: VINYL -NO TABLE, NO ARM, - Benz LPS-mr, Benz ACE SM, DIGITAL - Marantz SA-11S3 sacd/cd/dac. PHONOSTAGE: AudioNet PAM G2 with AudioNet EPS G2 power supply. PREAMP: Audionet PRE G2. AMPLIFIER: Audionet AMP monoblocks. SPEAKERS: YG Acoustics Anat III Signatures (upgraded to Sonja 1.2) REL Gibraltar G1 with G1 mk2 driver. CABLES: Kubala-Sosna.....Audio Desk Systeme RCM, Adona Rack, GIK room treatment


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