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  • Hello from across the pond

    Hello all.

    I'm Josie and I'm a bit of a sound geek.

    I've looked at this forum from the outside for quite a while now and so I thought it's about time I joined as I've found some interesting infomation in the past.

    I'm based in the UK and my system consists of the following:

    Tube Distinctions Copper KT150 amplifier
    Croft Epoch Elite pre-amplifier with many upgrades
    Thorens TD124 Turnatable
    Tannoy Monitor Gold speakers in Lockwood Major cabinets (Big n austerely beautiful) - Ex Chappell Studios, London
    Allo Katana DAC streamer.

    My next step in kit wise is to buy a Studer A80 reel to reel and so I hope AN is a good place to learn some facts.

    My taste in music is Rock, 60's Psychedelic, Dance, Goa Trance and some classical.

    I hope to have a splendid time here.

    Jo x

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    Greetings, I'm not one of them, but there are a lot of very knowledgeable R2R guys here that will be more than willing to assist you in your quest.
    Speakers, Wilson Audio Sasha 2's; line stage, ARC Ref 6; phono pre ARC Ref 3; Amplifier, ARC Ref 75 SE; turntable, Dr. Feickert Firebird with a Kuzma 14 inch 4 pt and Transfiguration Proteus; CD player Ayre C 5 xe; tuner, Magnum Dynalab MD109 SE; Dr. Feickert Analogue CBPS; Double Matrix Professional Sonic RCM; Transparent Audio Isolator 8; Transparent Super cables and IC's; and a Atocha Designs Record Cabinet


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      Welcome aboard...
      Life is is just samples thereof.
      Analog: VPI Prime, 3 Belt Drive, Dual Pivot, ADS, Windfeld Ti, Liberty B2B-1, Sky 30 Trans, Stereo Squares Cover
      Amp: *Audible Illusions L1 + Schiit Loki + Parasound A21
      Speakers: Maggie MMC2 + DW-M, REL T5/i
      Digital: TASCAM UH-7000, Pioneer DV-47Ai, NAD C446, Schiit Modi Multibit
      Head: Stax Lambda Pro, Focal Clear, Schiit Lyr 2
      Wires: Kimber Hero + 8TC, AQ Leopard + King Cobra

      *Modified/Customized Component


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        Hello. Everything in your system is beautiful to look at.


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          Welcome! More R2R info on this site than any other I have followed.
          SOURCE: VINYL - EAT C-Sharp, Soundsmith Paua mkII, Benz LPS-mr, Benz Ebony H, DIGITAL - Marantz SA-11S3 sacd/cd/transport, Auralic Vega DSD 256 DAC. PHONOSTAGE: AudioNet PAM G2 with AudioNet EPS G2 power supply. PREAMP: Audionet PRE G2. AMPLIFIER: Audionet AMP monoblocks. SPEAKERS: YG Acoustics Anat III Signatures (upgraded to Sonja 1.2) SVS SB-4000 subwoofers (x2) CABLES: Kubala-Sosna.....Audio Desk Systeme RCM, Adona Rack, GIK room treatment


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            Magnepan 1.7i, VMPS Large Sub, Belden 5000 Speaker Cable, Rogue Audio Sphinx Integrated Amplifier, Adcom GFA 555 II Amplifier, QED passive pre-amp, Celtic Dragon & Grover EX+ Interconnects, Crown SX 722 R/R, Nakamichi RX 202 Cassette Deck, Fosgate Signature Phono Preamplifier, Clearaudio Solution Turntable, Clearaudio Satisfy Tone Arm, Clearaudio Concerto V2 Cartridge, Clearaudio Smart Syncro, Belkin AP41300 Power Conditioner/Surge Protector, Transparent Power Cables


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              Welcome Josie! Nice system. Plenty of R2R knowledge on this site.
              [TURNTABLE] TW Acustic Raven One [TONEARM] Dynavector DV 507Mkii & Graham Phantom [PHONO] BAT VK-P10 & Dynavector PHA200; [CARTRIDGE] Dynavector XV1S, Lyra Kleos, Ortofon Cadenza Mono [TAPE] Otari MTR15 & Technics RS1500 with JRF Headblock [DIGITAL] Grace Design M920, Lynx Auroa 8 ADC/DAC, Mac Mini with roon labs [PRAMP] McIntosh C2300 [AMP] McIntosh C601s [SPEAKERS] Legacy Audio Whisper & Wavelet [ACC] Klaudio Ultrasonic RCM


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                  Welcome to Nirvana Josie


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                    to this FINE group


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                      Welcome here Josie!
                      Horning Eufrodite Ellipse III Speakers - Silver Circle Audio 300B Monoblocks - TW Acustic RLS-100 Line Stage - TW Acustic RPS-100 Phono Stage - TW Acustic Raven AC with (2) 10.5 Arms and Black Knight Annv. Upgrades - Ortofon A-95 & Miyajima Zero - Playback Designs MP-5 to Bricasti M1 DAC - Tascam 42B (Refurb by Soren Witrup) + Doshi V.3 Tape Stage - (2) Silver Circle Audio TCHAIK 6's - Furutech PC's & IC's + Inakustik LS-4004 Air Speaker Cables - Audio Desk Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner & VPI 16.5 RCM


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                        Thanks chaps for your warm welcome.

                        That's really nice.


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                          Thanks for joining!
                          Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
                          Senior Editor,

                          -Magico S5 Mk.2 speakers with SPod feet
                          -cj 40th Anniversary ART300 monoblock amplifiers
                          -Ensemble Fuoco hybrid integrated amplifier
                          -cj GAT preamplifier Series 2 preamplifier
                          -Doshi V3.0 phonostage
                          -VPI Vanquish direct-drive turntable
                          -VPI 12-inch 3D Fat Boy dual pivot tonearm, VPI 12-inch 3D Fat Boy gimballed and SAT LM-12 arm
                          -Lyra Atlas SL, Fuuga, vdh Colibri Master Signature, MOFI Master Tracker, Sumiko Songbird cartridges
                          -Technics RS1506 with Flux Magnetic heads, Doshi V3.0 tape stage (balanced)
                          -Assorted cables including Transparent XL Gen. 5, Allnic cables, Skogrand, Viero, Kubala-Sosna, MG Audio, Audience Au24SX, Genesis Advanced Technologies Power Cords
                          -Accessories including Stillpoint Aperture panels, Cathedral Sound panels, Furutech NCF Nano AC receptacles; Silver Circle Tchaik 6 PLC, Symposium ISIS and SRA Craz racks, Audiodharma Cable Cooker, Symposium Ultra and assorted SRA platforms.