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    More or less that's all described below at least the important one's (My beloved Nagra is missing).
    Music is Classic and starting an interest about Jazz.

    Pre-amp : Audio Research SP11 MKII
    Amp : DIY WE300B based ~8wat
    Analogue Sources

    1. EMT 927 + Ortofon 309 arm + TSD15(sfl)
    2. EMT 930 + EMT 929arm + TSD 15(sferic)
    3. EMT 950 + 929 +TSD15 + TSD 15(sfl)
    1.Studer A80RC MKII VU
    2.Studer A80RC
    3.Nagra IV-S
    Tuner: McIntosh MR78

    Digital Sources
    1.Sacd/CD Player: Sony SCD1
    2.DAC DIY based to the Soekris Dam 1021 PCB(lader),Macbook pro transport,Audirvana+ player

    SPEAKERS (Horns ~diy)
    -Midbass horn with: RCA MI-9584A compression driver
    -MidHight : Altec 288 16G compression driver
    -Twitter : Coral H104
    -Bass : Altec 416-8B on Open Baffle
    -Passive Xover 1st order

    Various not so important: Power supply for EMT's, PS Audio Power Plant for the preamp and some of the other sources

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    Very impressive. Lots of great vintage and DIY gear.

    Analog- VPIClassic3-3DArm,SoundsmithZephyrII+MiyajimaZeroMono, 2xAmpex ATR-102,Doshi3.0 BottleheadPhonoPre,Herron VTPH-2A
    Dig Rip-Pyramix,IzotopeRX3Adv,Mykerinos,PacMicroModel2
    Dig Play-mchNADAC, LampiPac, Roon, HQP, Oppo105
    Electronics-Herron 360Pre,CJ MET1mchPre, Cary2A3monoamps
    Other-512Engineer/Marutani Symmetrical Power, ArtKelmGround1, AudioDiskVinylCleaner,AirTightRecordFlat, Scott Rust Interconnects,


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      Originally posted by astrotoy View Post
      Very impressive. Lots of great vintage and DIY gear.

      Hello Larry
      "Once upon a time" it was "Fat cows time" for me,so it was easy to collect things of my interest and pleasure. And being younger I had the patience to "Build" things. Unfortunately "fat cows time" passed away and I no longer have the same desire/patience to build. I just look for good music to listen and recently my interest revolves around the Prerecorded music that I consider the source closest to the truth. That for the A80's I have.


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        Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
        Senior Editor,

        -Magico S5 Mk.2 speakers with SPod feet
        -cj 40th Anniversary ART300 monoblock amplifiers
        -Merrill Audio Elemente 116 monoblock amplifiers
        -cj GAT preamplifier Series 2 preamplifier
        -Doshi V3.0 phonostage
        -VPI Vanquish direct-drive turntable
        -VPI 12-inch 3D Fat Boy dual pivot tonearm, VPI 12-inch 3D Fat Boy gimballed and SAT LM-12 arm
        -Lyra Atlas SL, Fuuga, vdh Colibri Master Signature, MOFI Master Tracker, Sumiko Songbird cartridges
        -Technics RS1506 with Flux Magnetic heads, Doshi V3.0 tape stage (balanced)
        -Assorted cables including Transparent XL Gen. 5, Allnic cables, Skogrand, Viero, Kubala-Sosna, MG Audio, Audience Au24SX, Genesis Advanced Technologies Power Cords
        -Accessories including Stillpoint Aperture panels, Cathedral Sound panels, Furutech NCF Nano AC receptacles; Silver Circle Tchaik 6 PLC, Symposium ISIS and SRA Craz racks, Audiodharma Cable Cooker, Symposium Ultra and assorted SRA platforms.


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          Speakers: Horning Eufrodite Ellipse III on Stillpoints Ultra 5S feet
          Amplifier: Silver Circle Audio 300B Monoblocks with Takatsuki 300B tubes
          Preamp: TW Acustic RPA-100 Line Stage
          Phono Stage: TW Acustic RPS-100
          Turntable - TW Acustic Raven AC w/ Black Knight Anniversary Upgrades
          Tonearm: Kuzma 4-Point 14" with Air Tight Opus-1 Cartridge
          Tonearm: TW 10.5" with Miyajima Zero Mono
          Vinyl Care: Audio Desk Pro Ultrasonic & VPI 16.5 RCM
          CD/SACD: Playback Designs MP-5 to Bricasti M1 DAC
          Tape: Tascam 42B-NB (Refurb by Soren Wittrup)
          Tape Stage: Doshi V.3
          Power Conditioner: (2) Silver Circle Audio TCHAIK 6
          Wire: Custom Furutech PC's & IC's + Inakustik LS-4004 Air Speaker Cables
          Tweaks: Stillpoints Aperture II Panels & Stillpoints Ultra 5S's & SS's sprinkled about - SRA Ohio Class and Symposium Super Plus Platforms