When creating a normal quote to respond to, the "Quote link at the bottom of the post is pressed. Afterwards the display shows the bottom of the page with the selected quote in the reply area where we type our response.

To add additional quotes:
- Scroll up to the posts that would like to be included
- Select those "Quotes (as many as you would like from the page)
- on the top left of the floating bar that stays at the top of the page, will be a rectangular button
- This Button will show the numerical count of the number of posts selected. For example: "Post Reply (3)" for three post "Quotes selected
- Press the "Post Reply (#)" button and all of the selected "Quotes on that page will appear in the post response section at the bottom of the page.

Note: This appears to work on the page of the Topic being currently reviewed. If there is a post on the second, third, etc. page of the topic, it may not work. You may have to be creative to multi-quote across multiple topic pages.

Hope this helps,