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problem with "last post" links on main page

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  • problem with "last post" links on main page

    sometimes clicking on "last post" links from the forums main page take you to the middle of the thread (wrong page of thread) instead of last post on last page of thread.
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    I have noticed the same thing.

    Also when you select on one of your notifications on say - latest purchases - it goes to page 9 instead of whatever the page should be.


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      me too


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        I've mentioned this to Myles many times. <insert cricket noises here>

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        • MylesBAstor
          MylesBAstor commented
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          Simply there is only so much I can do. This is out of my control and is a software bug issue. It only to my knowledge affects two threads. Sometimes it is also due to someone posting a comment in the middle of a thread rather than a reply that is added after the last existing post. In the whole scheme of things a minor annoyance that will eventually be cleaned up. VBulletin like a hospital triages issues and addresses where the fire is. On the whole the new version has been working very well for the last six months after the picture posting bug was cleaned up.

        • JCOConnell
          JCOConnell commented
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          myles, I only posted the problem to make sure it has been reported to Vbulletin. I don't expect YOU to fix it.

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        me too
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          Yeah...I've seen it pop up once in a while. I've ignored it because I know that the forum software is a product of vBulletin and they have to address these issues, not Myles.
          In this case its a feature, not a bug...
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