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Happy Birthday To Us!

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    I have certainly enjoyed my time here, and have discovered a lot of new music and more in the process. Now if I could just get this upgraditis from my Teac A-4300 out of my mind! :^)


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      Congratulations, and thank you for all your efforts in keeping this community alive.

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          A happy anniversary to all...and thanks to all. A special thanks for the shared music. Wish I had more time to spend on reading, commenting and, of course, listening. Consequently, life in the tundra has opened up some free time.
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            Congrats. New to the group and looking forward to being part of this community
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              Happy Birthday Team!

              Click image for larger version

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                Myles, congratulations and thanks for creating such a nice place!


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                  Thank you, Myles, for being our guiding light. Audio Nirvana is the ONLY internet audio forum in which I still actively participate, EXACTLY for the reasons which you enumerated.

                  Happy Birthday!!
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                    Congrats Myles! This site is my favorite of all the audio sites. I feel at home here. Thanks to all the members and most of all to you!


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                      Thanks Myles, great site.
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                        Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post

                        I had a vision when I started Audionirvana. Sure it seemed far fetched. Sure it seemed destined to fail like so many audio sites before it. Yet I truly believed that it was possible to create high-end audio site where:

                        1) Free of the usual internet trolls;
                        2) Members demonstrated mutual respect for each other;
                        3) Audiophiles, reviewers, manufacturers, etc. could interact and freely exchange ideas, information and experiences without fear of being attacked;
                        4) A place where we could help each other improve our systems and grow and evolve as audiophiles.

                        So did obviously everyone here too!

                        January 28th, 2019 marks four years since Audionirvana went live! It seems like just yesterday that I decided to go my own way and take that leap of faith in December 2015 to create Audionirvana. Everyone out there told me that putting together a bulletin board was a daunting task and to expect to spend a month or two before taking it live. Yet just three short weeks after investigating the various bulletin board platforms, coming up with a name for the forum, licensing the vBulletin V5 software and beta testing by Andre, Mark and myself, the site was ready to go live.

                        Yes, initially there were a few flies in the ointment. YES, people were bugged by glitches in vBulletin’s new software. Yes, people were used to vBulletin’s V4 software. So too was I in the beginning by things the vBulletin software wouldn’t do and by their server crashes. The old V4 software, however, was obsolete and essentially a dead end. I truly believed in the promise and ease of use of vBulletins’s newest V5 software and with time my faith was rewarded. vBulletin got their act together (yes I spent a lot of time on the phone in the beginning with vbulletin), moved to new servers and the site runs now like clockwork. vBulletin always stays on top of things and every month or so addresses issues with the software or implements improvements.

                        It’s been a thrilling journey watching your baby grow up and mature. Audionirvana has grown by leaps and bounds since January 28, 2016. All the metrics by which we judge an Internet site’s success including site ranking, hits, traffic, pages read and more continue to grow. Audionirvana started with vBulletins basic “traffic/bandwidth” plan and has graduated to vBulletin’s next to largest 300 GB plan.

                        So first a big shout to Andre and Mark for being my two right hand men lending me their thoughts on how to improve the site and keeping two extra pairs of eyes on the bulletin board. Next, a shout out to Premier Club members who truly believed in our mission and joined Audionirvana in the first two months after the site went live. Finally a big thank you to all the members who give Audionirvana its unique identity. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t get a note from someone complimenting the site. Or someone stops me at the show and tells me how much they enjoy reading the bulletin board. (They aren’t always members but I encourage them to join!) Or a manufacturer who appreciates the support they [the industry] receives on Audionirvana.

                        Thanks so much for everyone’s support, no matter how big or small and to the continuing growth of Audionirvana and a great 2019!!! Yes we’re a newbie relative to other sites but we continue to make a mark in the industry. Keep those posts a coming and continue to spread the word among your audiobuddies about Audionirvana.

                        Thanks for creating an internet space around the four points mentioned above. It has been a joy to participate in our small but joyous community of one-in-the-same audiophiles and music lovers.

                        Andre (Dre_J)
                        Every day is a good day to play analog.
                        - 12" 33-1/3 RPM or 45 RPM vinyl
                        - 10.5" 15ips or 30ips tape
                        Every day is a good day for live music.