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  • Greetings From Rhode Island

    Brand new member here, though a long-time audiophile. I have spent some of my Internet time on several other forum sites but am getting rather tired of hearing how some DJ turntable with its $100 cartridge is as good as anyone needs. I refrain from saying "you just don't know what you don't know" and move on. I am hoping this is a place where owning and assembling more ambitious audiophile systems is better tolerated.

    My current main reference system uses Goldmund and Oracle turntables, through a dual LOMC slot Audia Flight Phono stage driving my Ayre K5xeMP line stage over balanced interconnects, and that in turn drives my Ayre V3 power amp over balanced interconnects. My main speakers are usually bi-wired stand mounted Sonus Fabers (heavily modified). I use my line stage's single ended outputs to drive my IRS Beta subwoofer controller and its ICEpower based amp to drive the Beta bass towers. My dedicated listening room is 16' X 22' with an ambient noise floor of 21 dBA. The floor was reinforced, and there is an electrical run from one dedicated 20A breaker in the main service entrance panel to a single dedicated outlet into which all electronics outlet strips are plugged. The home is served by its own dedicated service transformer.

    By education and professional training I am an electrical engineer, so I have always enjoyed electronics tinkering and my time at the workbench. Over the years I have self-built at least one of every component in the analog audio chain - though not the actual insides of a phono cartridge, and have only replaced cartridge outer bodies with better materials. In some cases I have built dozens. These projects may not have been the absolute best I've ever heard but I can say that most were pretty darned good.

    I also have digital gear and analog tape gear (15 ips 2 track, and also regular quarter track). The digital gear is not quite so ambitious as it is in my view still an evolving technology, but about a thousand Red Book CDs reside on a Brennan B2 music server whose digital output drives my fully balanced DAC, as does my Universal Player when its digital output is enabled. That DAC is connected balanced to the Ayre line stage.

    Anyway, it's all transparent yet warm enough to enjoy listening to music on for hours. It is the basis which I compare my other systems to.

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    Glad to have you onboard Chris!

    Sure sounds like you have put a great deal of thought and effort into your system! What reel-to-reel machine (s) are you using?

    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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      Welcome Chris!
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        Thanks Myles and Tom!

        Myles, my 2 Track deck is a Crown CI-822 which is a rare model made in the old factory for a few special studios and labs. It has precision 2 dB step attenuators to set its input and output levels, and it was fully refurbished by Chuck Ziska the Ultimate Crown Doctor. It's biased for recording on modern ATR tape and although set up for NAB EQ I built an outboard passive EQ converter for when I play IEC Master Tape Tracks. It takes the big NAB reels and has those big Crown Meters, and is now built into a nice wood cabinet I made for it (with good sturdy handles on the sides).

        The quarter track machine is a nice little TEAC 1230 to play some pre-recorded tapes. Chris


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          Welcome Chris
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              You found the right forum here. Lots of analog knowledge.
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                Welcome. I would love to see some pictures of your setup, especially the Goldmund TT and your speakers.


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                    Welcome Chris from a fellow Crown owner.
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                      Originally posted by View Post
                      Welcome Chris from a fellow Crown owner.
                      The Crown makes great recordings! I forgot to mention but I also have TASCAM 32 decks on two other systems to also play back the recordings from the main system on.


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                        Chris, welcome. Always nice to have another tape buff on board. Larry
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                          Welcome Chris,

                          See you at the CAS Ribfest on the first?


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                            Originally posted by stellavox View Post
                            Welcome Chris,

                            See you at the CAS Ribfest on the first?
                            Yes Charles, see you there! Chris