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    One of the most valuable aspects of owning a pair of Genesis loudspeakers is that they will last you the rest of your life. Getting off the upgrade spiral also means that despite a higher initial cost, the long term cost of ownership becomes much lower. Many of our owners have had their Genesis products for 25 years or more.

    In order to keep the system working for years, some maintenance is necessary. I will discuss upgrades in later posts, but here are some simple maintenance tasks to keep your system at tip-top condition:

    1. Every 10 years or so, rotate your woofers by 180 degrees. Woofers are heavy. And the suspension will age due to gravity. Turning them upside-down could very well extend the life of the suspension by many years.

    2. Every 15 years or so, re-cap the electrolytic capacitors in the older Servo-Bass amplifiers. The old Genesis Servo-Bass amplifiers are high power Class A/B amplifiers. They run HOT, and heat is one of the biggest enemies of electrolytic capacitors inside the casework. The new designs run cool and will last much longer, but they would be prohibitively expensive for someone who has owned their Genesis speakers for 30 years and they are now on fixed income. So, get them re-capped using modern, equivalent parts and they should last for the rest of your life.

    3. Ribbon tweeters - even though they do not move much - age. This is because of oxidation of the aluminum traces on the diaphragm. 20 years is about when you should start to look at replacing them. More frequently if you live in a humid environment.

    4. Check your loudspeaker set-up. Tiny changes in positioning can make huge differences. Check out the Genesis loudspeaker set-up procedure and take an afternoon to optimize your positioning.
    Gary L Koh, CEO and Chief Designer
    Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.