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Upgrade/repair for Genesis 500, Genesis 501 and Genesis APM-1

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  • Upgrade/repair for Genesis 500, Genesis 501 and Genesis APM-1

    The Genesis 500 released in 1998 and the APM-1 (1999) were among the most popular models from the old company, Genesis Technologies. As these venerable loudspeakers approach 25 years old, their "hearts" are no longer young and many of the servo-bass amplifiers have been failing. Some owners have been successful keeping their amps going with judicious re-capping of the power supply, but even then other parts are aging.

    We have been trying to repair the servo-bass amplifier from these models (and the 20-year old Genesis 501), but parts are now impossible to find. As with old vintage cars, sometimes you fix one part, and that puts stress on another part, and then another part fails. Moreover, some of the parts of these ancient Class D amplifiers have been obsolete for nearly 15 years now. Our stock of one particular controller IC is exhausted, and is now impossible to find. So, in the past few years, we've declined to even attempt to repair these ancient amps.

    In an effort to keep our customers supported, we have adapted the Servo-Controlled Amplifier from the current Genesis Maestro (incorporating all of the latest upgrades) to work with these older loudspeakers. This is available as a drop-in plug-in upgrade. The entire plate amplifier is replaced, and a new 912VA toroidal transformer replaces the old 375VA E-I core one.

    The only thing we have not been able to do is to keep this at 1995 prices......

    Click image for larger version

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    Gary L Koh, CEO and Chief Designer
    Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.