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John Mccutcheon - old fashioned populist folkie

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  • John Mccutcheon - old fashioned populist folkie

    John McCutcheon's Patreon from John McCutcheon on Vimeo .

    Here is a folk musician in the tradition of Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger. In folk circles he's known around the world. And yet after something like 36 albums, seven Grammy nominations and one win, he's had to crowd fund his latest effort "Joe Hills Last Will". The title alone should tell you he is exactly in the vein of Seeger and Guthrie, a populist. Unfortunately it is only available as a download.

    It doesn't hurt that he's a multi instrumentalist, something like twenty so far, a pretty fair singer and a storyteller. And he did stand in the picket line with the CSO during their lockout.

    And especially for Myles baseball enthusiasm -