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What Are the Six Best Sounding D2D Albums in Your Collection?

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    what pisses me off are the 'free' photo hosting sites that are suddenly shaking down registered users for money. all my pics are gone and I don't recall what I put up.
    How Do You Beat Audiophile Nervosa?

    Step Number 1: Upgrade your music collection first. If you do it correctly that should keep you busy in perpetuity.


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      Is that what is happening? Same thing is happening on several websites. Had me puzzled.

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    Dave Grusin Discovered Again. That to me is an all time great album.


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      Back in the day I don't recall ever buying a record period but I do recall having a few turn tables
      I was a DJ back in the day if you went to clubs ♣️ of the time early 80,s I might of been spinning them for you. Crates of vinyl many hundreds and hundreds of records
      I was given 20 or so new ones each week. Promotional albums no one had but the select few like me.
      I guess radio DJ had them too. What the hell did I do with them all. I have no idea where I left them really. Blurry great times though. All the girls loved the DJ lol. Have you seen the movie blow lmao
      What many of you may not know is the vinyl
      i spinned was made for us it was extreme highs and lows
      mids were less pronounced and well produced clear and what I would call audiophile grade mostly.
      Do aNy of you vinyl guys have any of them ?
      So many one hit wonders.
      Don't know if they were direct disk but the great ones were very clear Ina blasting 15 watt system.


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        Blast from the past!

        Bill Berry and His Ellington All-Stars: For Duke Works by Duke Ellington Bill Berry, cornet; Ray Brown, bass; Frankie Capp, drums; Scott Hamilton, tenor sax; Nat Pierce, piano; Marshal Royal, alto sax; Britt Woodman, trombone. M&K Real-Time RT-101 (direct-to-disc LP).
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