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  • Voodoo or just Dumb Luck

    How many of you have been messing around with your system and out of the blue for no apparent reason something comes together and it all clicks. I had this happen over the weekend. Still not sure why it happened. And, I am afraid to mess with it to figure it out. So it goes like this. I have complained about bad power for years. I have had amps hum loud on and off for years. I have been through many iterations of feeding power to my rack. Steel pipe, pvc pipe, silver wire, cord, multiple circuits, one circuit etc. Even my current and most favorite, a 17 foot strip of 10 awg ofc cord direct from my panel to a custom power distribution strip with 4 receptacles in it. Everything fed from that one circuit and power strip. Due to a limited amount of wire I have a split bolt and the entry of the box with a lead going to the first receptacle and another lead going to the last receptacle. There is a jumper in and out of all receptacles tying them all together. I was going for the HB Cable Power Slave design too. There product is similar to what I did. Even with this I still had annoying amp humming and all sorts of buzzing from the speakers. This was all bad enough over the weekend I put a line isolation transformer back into play to see if it would help. It did not. I even put some Isotek equipment into play and I still had noise. What is going on. Well in putting my setup back together I plugged one amp into one end of my power strip and the other into the other end. I did this as my power cable was short and I was looking for length. When I turned the stereo back on something was wrong. There was no noise coming from the speakers. I put my ears right up to the Voxativ - Nothing. Down by the woofers, hmmm a almost inaudible hum. This is not right. I have never heard any stereo this quiet in my house. I queued up some music and turned it on. Out came the most glorious music. This was 3 days ago and not a peep of noise is coming out of my system any time of day. It makes no sense to me. Al is going to have a chat with me in the near future. He thinks it was a ground loop. Who knows. The hum is all gone and I am very happy as well as confused. Hopefully I can figure it out and help fellow audiophile, but I really don't want to touch anything as I have never had any equipment at my house perform so well. I am calling dumb luck on this one.
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    Akiko Corelli, Custom power strip direct wired to panel with OFC copper wire. Inakustik Ref Air 2404 Speaker cable. Genesis and Inakustik NF2404 Air Interconnects.

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    Odd, and wonderful!
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