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An odd LP buying experience

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  • An odd LP buying experience

    After hearing it at a friend's house I decided to take the plunge and pick up the Analogue Productions 45 reissue of SRV "Couldn't Stand The Weather". I found a dealer on Discogs called "veteranrocker" who was selling all kinds of audiophile releases. The price matched Acoustic Sounds and the rest of the standard audiophile vendors so I figured I'd give the little guy a shot.

    I paid and then received tracking from Robert Fox in Salinas, KS. Obviously the home of Acoustic Sounds. The parcel arrived extremely well packed in an Acoustic Sounds record mailer. There was an invoice included that indicated that the album was sold to CD Wonderland in Coral Springs, Florida but shipped to me in NJ. Weird enough. I Googled up CD Wonderland in Florida and it brought up a landscaping service run by a Robert Fox.

    Nothing bad happened. It was just odd. I'm assuming that for whatever reason Acoustic Sounds is selling on Discogs under a screen name and has some *ahem* interesting accounting system in place. No clue who Robert Fox is.

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    sounds like a bird dog he points at the customer acoustic sounds pulls the trigger bird dog gets a treat.


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      Acoustic Sounds sells on discogs so I am not sure why they would also be selling under a different name.
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        Now that we are on the subject, an audio hardware mfg I am certain also sells at extremely competitive prices out of his own house back door under a pseudonym but with a town name on the return address the same as his business address. I have a friend who bought something “used” on line a couple of years ago and the coincidence couldn’t be ignored. The item when delivered looked new in reality.
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