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Dvorak: Violincello Concerto; Bruch: Kol Nidrei SR 90303

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    Originally posted by ack View Post
    So I got my copy, and it sounds "old" with edgy highs, bright, closed-in sort of sound. Either it is like that, or my system is very broken. But much clearer than the Speakers Corner re-issue that I have sort of enjoyed.
    Thanks Myles for the recommendation. I bought a copy after I saw this thread, but before I read Ack's post. I cleaned and played this record and quickly heard what Ack is describing. It did have edgy highs, both violins and brass, and it was a bit closed in sounding with a narrow soundstage played in my system. I was surprised given that my arm was set up for other 180-200g records I have. Then I started playing with arm height.

    I first lowered it 0.5mm to take the edge of the violins. Now everything sounded kind of dull. So I raised my arm in 0.5mm increments listening to the first five minutes of side A each time. I ended up raising my arm a total of 2.5mm before that edge was tamed. 2.5mm represents a change of SRA for my 12" SME arm of about 1/2 a degree. This is not much, but it made a significant improvement to the sound.

    The violins were better behaved, not so piercing, with a more natural timber. The brass sounded alive and big. The soundstage opened up. I heard more nuance, details, and hall acoustics. The sound is now very clean and open, if not quite as big as some of my other classical recordings. The recording sounded much more natural, though I do think the HFs are still a bit hot. I do have an original recording of this, but alas, it has a great deal of surface noise. This reissue is very quiet. Given the noise level on my original, I will probably listen to this reissue more often.

    I don't know if the added detail and information I hear is because it is a well made 45 RPM issue, or if my original is just too noisy to hear it. Regardless, thanks Myles. Playing with the arm height did help tame the high frequencies, open up the sound and improved LF definition, though I don't really understand why raising the arm did that. Lowering the arm usually tames HFs. At the lower setting, I was just hearing distortion and very bright HFs. I think Ian also hears the smaller soundstage and bright highs from his copy. I suggested to the Boston Group to play with VTA to see if they get similar results to what I got.

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      Thank you, Miles. Do you have the Speakers Corner version? My complaint about those was that they goosed up the mid-bass making the cello sound bloated. I read somewhere else where they reported that they've heard that on this release as well. I'm ready to pull the trigger but am also happy with my original.



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        I have the speakers corner version and indeed like most of their masterings the low end is bloated and muddy. The new 45 is much better in that respect.

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      BTW, my favorite version of Kol Nidrei is, and always will be, my teacher, Gary Karr.


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        Originally posted by bassrome View Post
        BTW, my favorite version of Kol Nidrei is, and always will be, my teacher, Gary Karr.
        Nice. Did you play bass professionally also? Gary certainly was my introduction and many, many other audiophiles introduction into the classical double bass as a solo instrument. We made friends with a double bass player in the San Francisco Symphony when he played at our home when we had members of the SFS play the Trout Quintet a few years ago. He was pleasantly surprised that I knew the composer Bottesini, all because of Gary Karr.

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        • bassrome
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          Yes, I play professionally. I'm a freelancer and teach bass and chamber music at Princeton University. Gary is a good friend of ours and even though he is "retired" I managed to coax he and Harmon to play a recital at Princeton. Who is the bassist in the SFS? I know the principal, Scott Pingel, and sold him a bass a few years ago.

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          His name is Charles Chandler. Charles has the distinction of being the first member of the San Francisco Youth Orchestra to become a member of the SFS. I think he has been a member of the SFS for 25 years. Nice connections you have.