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    I'm surprised there hasn't been more chatter about the latest Yes Fragile release.

    Fragile is one of my favorite Ultradisc reissues to date. Yes it still has that MOFI signature "sound" characteristized by a softening of upper octaves, a slight loss of space and a little thickening in the bass. (Something always attributed to the EAR electronics.) But this reissue is huge sounding, has surprisingly low bass and is very dynamic. My main reservation is the recording loses a little of its pristiness under very dynamic conditions. Otherwise Fragile is a joy to listen to and one of my favorite Yes recordings featuring the great--and one of my favorite musicians--Rick Wakeman on keyboards!

    Now to compare to the AP and original George Piros mastered LPs.
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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    i like my 'grey market' 15ips, 1/4" master dub pretty good. so passed on this.


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      Myles...your comment about the rolling off of the high end and the thickening of the bass is a classic symptom of not adapting to the thicker LP. Many people refuse to adapt to different thickness LPs and miss some of the best sound in their collection. All you have to do is slightly raise the tonearm tail end to adapt to the thickness and the symptoms you describe just go away.

      The stylus is not situated in the groove optimally. It can be repeated with all sorts of LPs and the symptom can be reproduced. I do not give a tinkers damm what any so called expert says. This does exist. Anyone can reproduce it and it is relevant to top quality sound.

      I don't understand people who spend 10s of thousands on LP playback gear and ignore one of the most critical adjustments for maximum playback fidelity. It just baffles the imagination. Then these same people claim this or that LP is superior when they are not paying attention to this adjustment. I am tired of typing about this.

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        MylesBAstor commented
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        Thanks Ed. That’s a good point and why I have the VPI and SAT arms. Easy to adjust for that. Especially the SAT that is calibrated. Been adjusting for VTA ever since had the ET arm and used a dial micrometer on top of the arm to adjust for different LPs.

        Now of course that opens up another bag of worms. Do you readjust VTF after adjusting height? In other words, is the change in sound due to VTF or VTA changes?

      • EdAInWestOC
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        I have been using the VPI 10.5 inch 3D tonearm for several years now (IIRC) and the VTF difference between the 200gm setting and the standard 120-140gm setting is pretty insignificant. Unless you have a cartridge that has differences in performance based on approximately 0.05 gram changes, I would not sweat the VTF changes.

        I checked out the VTF changes between the most extreme VTA settings on my 3D tonearm and it was a maximum of 0.06grams. Maybe some cartridges have super sensitive suspensions or track differently based on VTF changes like that but my cartridge seems immune to those kind of changes (Ortofon Windfeld Ti w/less than 300 hours on the original stylus).

        I would imagine most cartridges are immune to VTF changes of around 0.05 grams. They are much more sensitive to VTA/SRA changes (assuming the cartridge has a tall thin tracing edges on its stylus).

      • MylesBAstor
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      This is my favorite Fragile reissue so far. And is seams to me that the latest super vinyl formulation used by MoFi One-Step, QRP/UHQR and MMJ SRX is a big factor in the performance. Low noise, uncompressed dynamics, bass slam, etc., etc.
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        I also think it sounds fabulous. I have 5 different versions of Fragile’s one of my favorite albums of all time. I don’t have any other UD1S’s to compare it to but it sure sounds better than any of the other commercial versions I have. I do think the 15 IPS master tape copy I have is just a little better, but not as much as it is over the prior LP reissues.
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          I have this one unopened along with Monk... I should give it a try.

          I have largely been unimpressed with the one step reissues save for Abraxas - the congested bass and blunted top are attributes that I hear as well. I will try the VTA.
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