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50 Best Bob Dylan covers!

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  • 50 Best Bob Dylan covers!

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    I definitely agree with #1. I was going to mention #50, which is good, but fairly obscure. Brian Ferry did an entire of album of Dylan covers and none made the cut:
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      My fave Bob Dylan song is "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" and it's hard to imagine anyone doing a cover that betters the original. The Antony & the Johnsons version is nice, but a little too dark for my liking and strays from the original rhythmic feel too much.
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        Isnt Mr, tambourine man a Dylan song which the Byrds covered well?

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          Hmmm-- no Julie Driscoll Brian Auger Trinity--This Wheels on Fire?

          Lil Stevie Wonder -- Blowing' in the Wind

          At least in the top 50

          Plus Joan Baez's 12 min version of Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands--is better than Angelina--again YVMV



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            A great selection.

            One of my favorites:

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              It's sad to see what's happened to her over the years. Such a huge talent wasted.

            • allenh
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              Agree, Johnny. I used to be able to look beyond the antics and enjoy the voice and singing. It's getting harder to do that every day.

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            Hard to argue with #1
            Here are couple I like a lot.
            Johnny Winter version of "Highway 61 Revisited"
            Guns N Roses "Knockin' on Heavens Door"
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              My vote for best cover of a Dylan Album is Mary Lee's Corvette cover of the entire Blood on the Tracks album.

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                Joan Baez "A Simple Twist of Fate" on her Damonds and Rust album. A TAS Super Disc in its Mofi vinyl release. Joan's spot on Dylan imitation makes it even more memorable. And Joan had an entire double album "Any Day Now" of Dylan songs. She and Dylan were an item in the early 60's, before he became super famous. I heard him at the end of year freshman concert at Harvard (yes he would play college gigs in those days) in 1964, and he brought along girlfriend and superstar Joan Baez as a surprise guest artist for the concert.

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                  Just found this superb version of Master of War by the great Charles Lloyd with Bill Frisell and the Marvels recorded at the Lincoln Centre. It's the 1st track after intro.