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    Originally posted by JCOConnell View Post
    Its a tossup between moon and bonham
    I disagree! While there are different styles and through the years music in general has changed, so the drumming has also changed. While all the different drummers named here had their own style and way of getting it done, once you hear Peart especially back when he was in his prime to quote Geddy Lee and others "(No one can come after him)" In fact Peart was so good that he took up other styles to get better, he took lessons from one of the greatest Jazz drummers of all time when he was in his 90s I think... While I like alot of others I'll take Peart all day long as the best!!!


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      Stewart Copeland of the Police is an underrated finesse guy. That SKA downbeat and cymbal work.(The Abbey Road 1/2 speed mastered Ghost in the Machine is a hot piece of vinyl). Whether you like the music or not, hard to argue with Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann.
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        Originally posted by Madfloyd View Post
        For me it's a choice between Moon, Bonham and Peart.
        Yes! and i'd include Ginger Baker and...against all odds, Ringo. Neil Peart is to drumming what eddie van halen is to guitar gods. No one gives eddie his due but 20, 50 or 100 years from now his legacy will be well-established alongside Clapton, SVR and Hendrix before all of 'em.
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          Just got in the door from a cheap trick concert while their drummer is not the best in the world he was bloody good the whole band was good 12 string bass was a wall of sound.


          • Rob
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            Is Bun E Carlos still playing with them? Cheap Trick, one of the very best live acts ever! I saw them at the 'Murph (San Diego) in their heyday when they headlined stadiums. Long live the late '70s!!

          • JCOConnell
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            12 string bass? that's mindblowing...

          • Steve Lefkowicz
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            My son saw Cheap Trick at Madison Square Garden a few years ago as the opening act for Aerosmith. He wasn't a fan of theirs before the concert, but thought they were terrific live.

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          Bun E Carlos is still a member of Cheap Trick 25% owner but not playing with them he is playing with two other bands in the Rockford area were the band is from.
          Seems like a falling out the New drummer is Rick Nielson's son and he is good and at 70 Rick is a great guitar player He had a 1958 Gibson Explorer on stage One of these sold at auction for 1.1 million on its owner no supper star owner that is a lot for a Guitar . IMO

          Sounded good Rick Nielson has over 400 guitars the band is very good live if they are near your area it is worth the ticket price they said they were on the road till November.

          Oddly they mentioned on stage they played this same concert hall on a 1977 tour with Kiss the tour started in Moncton N,B, east coast of Canada the odd part is I was at that show.

          Good Band that has gotten better then again play the same 40 songs for 40 years you should get them down cold

          Steve they are a very good band live


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            There is no best when it comes to art and artists. But of course, the boomers will come out filled with nostalgia to pick their best..
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