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How Many Grew Up Watching The Midnight Special?

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  • How Many Grew Up Watching The Midnight Special?

    And listened to the King Biscuit Flower Hour? I remember taping many of the KBFH broadcasts back in the day! They broadcast so many great concerts.

    Check out the Rod Stewart/Ron Wood video! And how the hell didn’t “American Girl” make the charts?
    The late night TV series aired 450 episodes for nearly a decade + was often the only opportunity for music fans to see their favorite recording acts perform
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    Count me in!
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      Yup; I remember them well. We also watched "Playboy After Dark", which featured top bands of the day.


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        There are a few King Biscuit Flower Hour recordings available and I really enjoy them.

        Check out:


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          Midnight Special, kbfh, Don Kirchner’s Rock Concrrt - watched them all and recorded many to 7 inch R2R.
          Years later watched New Wave Theater for the latest in Punk, and Pump It Up! for rap.
          then there was Sessions At W 54th St. and still enjoy Austin City Limits.
          there were others but I can’t think of their names now.
          Steve Lefkowicz
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            For me it was the King Biscuit Flour Hour. Didn't bother owning a television until 1987 with the advent of video rentals, it was all music and books up to that point.


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              I was more of a Don Kirshners Rock Concert fan, but again im younger than most of you being in my early 50s (how weird it feels just saying that).
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                Y'all forgot ABC's In Concert?!?


                • Steve Lefkowicz
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                  Thanks! That's what I meant by "...there were others but I can’t think of their names now."

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                Midnight Special TV show.
                By the time that was on air I was already out on my own. During the 70's I was in my twenties and looking to party. Wolfman Jack. Previously he was a sort of legendary figure people would say they heard while listening to their car radio as they traveled cross country at night through the American midwest. Wolfman Jack. (insert evil laugh) When the TV show finally aired, and we had video footage of Wolfman Jack I think he lost some of his legendary/mythical appeal. But there he was.

                Midnight Special....Who performed that title song....Creedence? Yes but did the show use their version? I can't remember. I believe Loggins and Messina also performed that tune.
                Yes, Kirchner's "Rock Concert "and ABC's "In Concert". They were copy/cat also rans but many times were worth tuning in. Were they all displaced by Saturday Night Live?. Maybe.


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                  I googled it and as it turns out the song has some old roots. William Ledbetter (Leadbelly) sang a version of it in the thirties. Numerous folk artists covered it in the years afterward. So by the time Creedence covered it in their "Willy And The Poor Boys" album it was sort of an American Traditional song.
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                  Odetta's version is hard to beat.

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                  Johnny Rivers! One of my favorite LPs from back in the day was his LA Reggae. I still have a first pressing in the 35mm slide cover.

                  The cover of Brown Eyed Girl was great.

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                Both Kirchner's Rock Concert and ABC's In Concert were main stays for us in our early teens. One of my good childhood buddies had an older, established brother and sister-in-law who left us to look after (babysit) their toddlers. Perhaps not the best judgment call. Nevertheless, we had a large screen tv (of the day) and a huge all Sansui Quadraphonic sound system at our disposal for taking in the events. Let’s just say without too much incriminating details, these events were somewhat mind altering and brought us closer to the music and music makers that we had so much admiration for. One or both of these shows was simulcast on FM radio in stereo as well. I recall it being offered on W4 (WWWW 106.7 MHz. or W4-Quad) Detroit and possibly it was a (encoded) quadraphonic simulcast. What a blast. What music loving grand memories!
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                  The love child of video & Wolfman Jack - I heard it on the X



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                    In the UK in the 70's they had "Old Grey Whistle Test" which was on BBC2 and we didn't get it here at the time, but I've seen reruns (Skynyrd) and the show was good.
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