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    Vinyl Passion Classical - anyone know about this label? I believe they are out of Holland and havedone several classical music reissues in 2014 and 2015. There are other non-Classical reissues under a Vinyl Passion label.

    I took a chance on this 1961 von Karajan Mozart Requiem (K626) VPC 85254, nee DG 138 767 SLPM. A normal 33-1/3 Spread over four sides. Big orchestral sound and choral in DG's normal venue of Jesus-Christus-Kirche in Berlin. The soloists were superbly clear. An excellent re-master, plus it is dead quiet with no vinyl noises. I believe this is first of three Mozart Requiems recorded by vonK.

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    Have you heard the original, and how does it compare?
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      Originally posted by JCOConnell
      Have you heard the original, and how does it compare?

      No I have not. The odds of finding a mint or near mint copy are so-so - though a NM copy recently sold on ebay for ~$25. Nice Red Stereo Alle Herstellar.
      The VPC re-issue was ~$18 on A'zon.

      Don't know if the one I have is representative of the typical quality from this re-issuer - that would be great!