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Samuel Barber's Agnus Dei and Adagio For Strings

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  • Samuel Barber's Agnus Dei and Adagio For Strings

    Can anyone recommend a good vinyl and good digital (cd or hybrid SACD) of these 2 pieces by Samuel Barber? There are a lot of versions out there and looking for a good analog and a good digital copy of each based on recording and good mastering.

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    I wanted a copy of Bernstein conducting the NY Philharmonic that hadn't been digitized on vinyl- the copy that was released at the time of Platoon, where the Adagio For Strings was included, was an early digital recording. Found it on a CBS compilation, sounds good- it's a ten [X marked down] 3 dollar record:


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      The Cypress String Quartet has a string quartet album called "The American Album." One of the pieces is the Barber String Quartet, with the original version of the Adagio. Beautifully played with great sonics. It was recorded at Skywalker Ranch around 2011. The recording engineer of the album, Mark Willsher, invited me to attend the recording session when the Adagio was recorded. Quite an experience. He recorded it in 24/96 using a Pacific Microsonics Model Two.

      It is on CD, but the hirez version (24/96) is available at Downloads Now


      I bought mine on sale from Downloads Now a few years ago.

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        Thank you Larry!

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      Barber is refreshingly hip.

      LP: These are hard to find in top condition.

      CBS Masterworks 32 11 0006 also on Columbia Odyssey - this one includes Barber's "School for Scandal" which is such a short cool piece of music. Reminds a little bit of Stranvinsky's "Dumbarton Oaks"

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