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    ...the 189th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven, arguably one of, if not the best, composer in history.

    What are your favorite Beethoven works?

    Of his symphonies, the Symphony #5 in C-minor resonates the most with me.

    There's probably no better piano work ever written than Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

    And when it comes to smaller works, his Dances Allemande is a real sleeper.
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    I like this New Yorker article on Beethoven:

    Alex Ross reviews five books about the composer, and asks, “How did Beethoven become ‘BEETHOVEN’?”

    and as said therein :
    "On the subject of his late string quartets, which generations of listeners have hailed as a pinnacle of Western civilization,"

    I like all the symphonies, and am partial to the 9th. But I do agree with the comment , the late string quartets are amazing.


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      Thanks for the article Andy! Fascinating and great read and puts his contributions in perspective!

    • allenh
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      Agreed, great read, thx for sharing!

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    don't forget the fifth piano concerto..
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