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    no one has ever asked I met a guy here in town who has over a hundred recordings of the same classical piece by I am not sure how many orchestras now you would really have to love the piece of music


    • JCOConnell
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      I have abouf a dozen Pictures at an Exhibition, but that's nowhere near 100.

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    Then there are people (mostly men) who have dozens of expensive watches, which all should be telling the same time. They can't wear all of them at the same time and even have mechanical boxes that move around, keeping the self winding ones going. Our niece's father-in-law collects watches, old cameras and cars. I asked him what cars he likes to collect. He said Ferraris. I asked him, how long has he been buying Ferraris. He said, about 30 years. I asked him how many he has bought. He said about 30. (He has sold some of them.)

    So we are not the only crazy people.

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    • Rob
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      Males love 'things' its biological and not a social construct social reformist want to to believe. its our nature depending on what watches and Ferraris he collects they can and do appreciate in value quite significantly, easily trouncing the S&P.

    • Garth
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      30 Ferraris makes me look almost sane I bumped into a guy who has bikes as do i he also collected Watches his wife put him on a budget of no more than 2 watches in a given month and they were way above the Rolex bench mark . You know the guy millionares want to be when they get rich.

      I never had the hoarder gene thankfully other than records