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  • Abbey Road 2019

    I've enjoyed the new mix and I'm now listening to the out-takes/demos. In every case I'm left with the idea that they released the best version/mix on the finished album.

    whats everybody think of the new mastering?

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    I have it in several formats but I have not had the chance yet.

    One note: I have noted that some of these re-mixed classic albums should have been left alone. That is my opinion of the newly worked White Album. There are a handful of tunes that are OK but side 3 is a disaster. They should have left well enough alone.

    The remixed box set of Yes albums is a prime example of something that should have been left alone. A classic album is usually a classic for a reason. When it came to Aqualung there was an obvious need but many of these classics should stand as is.

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      Totally agree regarding the Yes LPs. Also didn’t really like the one Jethro Tull reissue I purchased. Ended up sourcing an original.

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    I'm burned out on all the Beatles reissues, all of my other copies are just fine. However, I do appreciate the out-takes/demos in this package.

    I've listened to the remixes in Tidal Master, but I'm not motivated enough to get it on vinyl just yet.


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      below i posted on another forum a week ago.......

      this is admittedly an emotional reaction to a re-imagining of my very favorite all time #1 album; Abbey Road. it was 50 years ago yesterday that Abbey Road was released. i have an original pressing, which is awesome, and a pretty good 1/4" 15ips master dub. and numerous other pressings and digital CD's and files.

      this Quboz 96/24 (a 3 disc file with lots of outtakes) is quite different than my memory of this album. musical parts are in different places, and are bigger, bolder, and more detailed than my memory recalls. until i take the time to compare directly to my references i can't judge it. but on first listen it is awesome and new life seems to have been imparted into the old girl.

      have too many liberties been taken with this sacred icon? it's a reasonable personal answer will wait until i spend more time with it, listen to the remaster vinyl version, then revisit my own references. my first take is that a good excuse to listen to Abbey Road again and with a fresh view is worth upsetting the guardians of purity.

      Abbey Road is huge for me on many levels. i graduated from High School in 1969 (my 50 Year H.S. re-union was last Saturday night). so this album hit's me in my wheelhouse and i'm a big time Beatles fan. and i just love the music.

      the 3 disc vinyl version with a bunch of outtakes i think will arrive tomorrow.....and at some point i will compare it to this file. i may download this Quboz file to my hard drive too. it's really fine.

      if you like or love Abbey Road, or just know the music and have a bit of interest, you should hear this.

      highly recommended.


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        ....the next day i posted this......

        the vinyl remaster that was suppose to arrive next week got delivered yesterday 'game on'.

        we had a fun session yesterday for 2-3 hours. member Ultrafast69 came over with his friend Tanner. we started out with the Qobuz 24/96 version playing three cuts; 'Come Together', 'Here Comes The Sun', and 'Polythene Pam', then played my 24/48 USB edition file from my hard drive. we all preferred the Quduz 24/96.

        Next we played the USA vinyl pressing of the re-mastered vinyl of 'Come Together' and 'Here Comes The Sun'.......and preferred that to the digital. i was not in the sweet spot so my perception, while i agreed, was provisional. i have three early vinyl pressings of Abbey Road plus the ProCut Japanese pressing. i also own at least 5 Beatles Box sets and numerous other pressings.

        i guessed which one of my early pressings was my original pressing (i have not played it in a few years and would have needed to spend some time making sure with all the little tells). i think Ultrafast 69 preferred the remastered vinyl, whereas preliminarily i preferred (what i think is) my original pressing. the remaster sounded 'processed' to me and was missing sparkle on top. more 'life' in the original. also, Ultrafast mentioned that the new remaster has different notes in some spots, likely the remaster choose different work parts when optimizing the new remaster.

        lastly we played my 15ips 1/4" master dub (of unknown provenance) of Come Together, Something, Here Comes the Sun, Because, and You Never Give Me Your Money. this was the first few cuts on 2 reels.

        game, set, match to the RTR tape. i was not in the sweet spot but it had a sense of musical flow and rightness those others could not match. to my ears the original pressing was closest to this.

        next we played side one of Led Zeppelin I on RTR request. Ultrafast69 had been blown away by that tape at a prior session and needed a fix. i think he got it. i have the Classic Records 45rpm box set of Led Zeppplin which is crazy good. but the tape is other-worldly.

        this is how God intended this music to be heard.

        good RTR tape is just not fair to other choices.

        i'll sit down and do an extended, unhurried, set of the remaster to original digital and vinyl compare when i have more time and comment further. we only had a couple of hours. it was a very enjoyable session and thanks to Ultrafast 69 for coming over. i enjoyed meeting his friend Tanner who is new to high end audio. he seemed to enjoy it and all the carrying on about system building and different music version talk.


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          while I am interested in the outtakes and alternate and demos, as far as the original main album goes, I don't want a remix, I am happy with my Toshiba pro use copy.
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            On the whole, I do not like the remix (CD).It does punch up the bass bringing it line with more modern preferences, and the treble is boosted a bit giving a more apparent cymbal. On the other hand the "spread" of the soundstage has been altered with the bass typically more to the left, instruments and lead vocals more to the right which moves the soundstage off center with no real center to the soundstage. Using the balance control alleviates this to some extent but it just doesn't quite sound right.

            And that's the problem with messing with one of the true classics. When the original is that good, remixes end up just being different without being better. I think they got a little too carried away be their self perceived cleverness. Simply improving the tonal balance without altering the placement in the soundstage would have been better.

            Regarding the Blu-ray, pretty much the same comments apply.


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              Ignorance is bliss. I don’t own this in any shape or form. I rented my copy on Tidal earlier this week and it sounds amazing to me.
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                Per Joe, the outtakes are awesome. And I just flat-out like the remake. It's done well and fits 2019.
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                  It would appear that one can purchase either a single album with the remastered final studio versions or a deluxe version with both the final studio and outtakes. Are both albums the same quality with the only difference being the outtakes?


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                    Should be but you have to really check the label. There are 6 or so different packages.