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  • Have you ever?

    Have you ever heard a record for the first time on a really high end system and you are blown away by the sound and music so you buy a copy of the Lp for yourself.
    But, once you get it home and play it on your own mortal system, its not so impressive. Ive had this happen a few times.
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    Nah it always sounds better on my system LOL just kidding


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      It cuts both ways. I've heard tracks I know intimately on my system and other systems where the 'stage has discernable proportions, defined from to back depth relative to the performers, etc. Onto the mega system: pianos are twenty feet wide, 10 ft high cellos and the stage is one amorphous wavefront with blurry outlines...I experienced this more than a few times on systems north of seven figures purported to be SOTA.
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        Sort of. When I was a teenager, my Dad took me into an audio store, and I heard Steve Winwood’s “Arc of a Diver” on a system with the big Beveridge electrostats. I was totally blown away.

        I love the album, but probably 10 versions and 35-40 years later I have never gotten the sound of that album to match the expectations set by my memory.
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        • astrotoy
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          Do you have a copy of the tape (15ips 2 track). I had never heard of Winwood or Arc of a Diver before recently getting the tape from one of my trading partners. Quite spectacular.


        • Skylab
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          Not of Arc of a Diver, it I do have a 15 IPS tape of Steve Winwood Chronicles, which is definitely great, and it has my 3 favorite songs from Arc on it.

        • Don RMGI
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          Was it at Gills Custom?

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        I gave up long time ago trying to figure out why some recordings sound great on one system and not another. No rhyme or reason to it seemingly.
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