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R.I.P. jdandy (Dan)

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  • R.I.P. jdandy (Dan)

    I haven't seen on this site any mention of Dan's passing. I found out just a few moments ago from another audio site, AA. Dan was a huge voice there and we have all lost a great member of our audio community. I am saddened to find this out and offer my deepest condolences to Dan's family and friends, including all who knew him on Audionirvana.

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    Dan was a good man who was kind to all. RIP Dan.
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      Thanks for posting. Heard about Dan’s passing and it was so soon after his wife’s untimely passing. His kind soul will be missed. RIP (audio) soul brother!
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        Just incredibly sad. RIP jdandy.


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          RIP indeed. Dan was a good man and always had a logical view of everything.


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            Yep, Dan contributed much to our community. He was the first contact I came across on the forums and helped me with a firmware update on a McIntosh preamp I had at the time as well as making me aware of Aurender, and haven’t looked back.

            Thanks Dan, and we all know you will bring audio to the other side. RIP.
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              My condolences to his family.
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